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ArianeB Hack-On

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NEW: THE ARIANEB WALKTHROUGHS have now got their own domain:

One of the new made graphics for the game. Erana the Sorceress, what's in a name?, has made an add-on for the popular ArianeB dating simulator. I could go on about this but let's pass the microphone to the girl (?) in question:

To play it, you need to download and install first a copy of version 5.0 of the original game (link deleted, 2009). This add-on is not guaranteed to work with later versions of the game.
There are over 1000 HTML files and over 900 pictures in the game; the add-on includes only the actually modified or new HTML files, so you'll need the remaining original ones in order to play it. The easiest way is to simply copy all the HTML files of the addon (found in the "files" folder) into the "dateariane" folder of the game, overwritting the un-hacked files (you might want to backup them first!).
Also, the add-on ZIP file includes only the new and/or modified images. You'll need the original JPEG files to play, too! Again, the easiest way is to copy all the new pics of the add-on (found in the "images" folder) into the game's own "images" folder (which is itself inside the "dateariane" folder).
The hack includes the following features:
- Several bug fixes, most of them regarding the bikini. Ariane really has trouble with all those bikini knots. :-)
- Changed or added scenes.
It goes without saying that the copyright of all the pics, of the game, and of the source code remains firmly in the hands of the original game's author. Thus, commercial distribution of this hack is prohibited. Even if I (as in: it is I, Erana, the sorceress) were to give you permission (I won't), the original author surely would not. And while a fan add-on for a game that needs the original game to be played is within the fair use rights, making money out of it is certainly not. In other words: if you decide to ask money for this piece of crap and go to jail because of it, don't come whinning back to me. Is your own damn fault.
Hack by Erana the Sorceress. Creating nice spots for playable characters since 1989.

I (as in: It is I, Felix) tried to contact the creator of the original ArianeB game to get his permission to distribute the hack, but alas his mail address is more secret than Xaviera Hollander's address book. The add-on (sounds better than a hack, isn't it?) has got the following 17 features, changes and bugfixes:

  • 1 Basket scene changed to always get the boob flashing
  • 2 French kiss returned to the makingout scene
  • 3 Strip show changed to turn Ariane into a natural born stripper
  • 4 New pics added to the dress and home decor stores, old ones restored to the lingerie's
  • 5 Bar scene changed for extra flashing fun
  • 6 Beach scene vastly expanded
  • 7 Entire Rebecca subplot optionally strung together
  • 8 Yes, you can now have that threesome, but only if you made EVERYTHING right first
  • 9 Hot tub scene rewritten with extra content
  • 10 Finalsex slideshow instead of blank black image
  • 11 Assorted pics in AB's laptop
  • 12 Downtown options expanded
  • 13 Amusement park and nude photoshoots now return home afterwards
  • 14 Drinking, nudity and foreplay limits have been relaxed, but not removed
  • 15 Certain actions now reset the car, stargaze and park options
  • 16 A few surprises in the opening moves
  • 17 Stargazing is now much more rewarding

Oh yeah, probably you are wondering right now were to download this 2 and a half MB goodie. For the moment it is right here on this place, but before you go ahead I would like to warn you that some of the new pics are rather risqué. (Update: download locations deleted as these versions are not valid anymore.)

Note: The internet: where men are men, women are also men, and 13 year old girls are FBI agents. Back to main text.

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