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ArianeB 5.00 Add-On Walkthrough

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The following hintfile has been written by Erana, the Sorceress who is responsible for the ArianeB 5.0 bug fixing add-on showing some extra scenes and situations. Of course you need to download and install the add-on first. More information how to do that can be found at: ArianeB Hack-On. Before you download the add-on it is also advised to backup your original copy of the Arianeb Dating Simulator. The add-on will only work with version 5.0.


First, the basics. To install the thing, just follow CAREFULLY the instructions in the readme.htm file. No need to repeating myself here!

Intro scene: now you have a shortcut to sidestep it. But, BY YOUR HONOR, don't use it if she never told you to "come back anytime"! ;-)
Drinking, nudity and make-out: drinks limit has been raised to about a dozen, and every drink now resets the stargazing and park options. Nudity is also now allowed by default. Face and top make-out limits have been raised to effectively more than you'll need in the game. Bottom make out limit has been raised by not so much, so you can STILL get the handjob ending if you want. Top make out now also resets the car drive. Kiss-French Kiss returned to couch make out.
Stargazing: you have three choices per stargaze, and you can stargaze in a wider number of situations, with increasingly "interesting" results. Every time you have a drink, the stargazing option is reset, too. Also, you now can not miss unless you actually want to.
Games: the randomness has been removed from basket, you always win and she always flashes you trying to prevent it. Spin the bottle now always yields park photo shoot as it can not be reached otherwise (except through one (1) certain stargazing option). RPS remains random - what's the point otherwise?
Dance laptop pics: you can see Ariane's photos wearing different clothes, based upon the clothes you have managed her to wear (not) ;) The only effect in the game is that if you ask her about a certain nude pic, she will model it live if you "get lucky" later on. Some people have reported trouble exiting the laptop. It's an IE7 problem. Damn Bill Gates. :) Just use backspace. It won't cause problem at this particular part of the game, albeit it would cause them at other points.
Beach scene: going to the beach in a non-romantic context now gives you the option to sit down to admire the view and talk about Ariane's college years. Doing so and choosing the right answers opens the "crazy all-nighter" mode, where you can stay downtown as long as you want and some new options are opened, like the new dresses (sailor suit, silk kimono and Rebecca outfit). Also, going in a romantic context, you now have the possibility of having sex in the beach.
Lingerie store: repeatedly choosing no lingerie reactivates the old (version 4.7) lingerie pics.
Dress store: see above for "crazy time" new pics. Also, buying the white dress activates the "white dress pic" scene later on.
Home decor store: IF you have bought the white dress, you'll be able to buy a print of an older Ariane's photo shoot with a similar dress. If you buy it, you still have the option of remaining downtown, which is needed for later scenes. Some events only happen if you have bought that pic.
Downtown: you have the option to enter every place from downtown, also have the option of returning home, going to the outskirts or taking a trip to the amusement park.
Club: now you can actually exit the bar after having a drink. Also, the Reb and Ari erotic dance is now activated if drinks >= 4. After it, instead of ending the game, you have the choice of going home to the pool, or going to the strip club.
Strip club: Ariane never tires from stripping. Removing the top as the first action still causes you to lose, in case you want to. If Rebecca is with you, you get the option of she coming with you to a pool party, or coming home just with Ariane for hot-tubbing.
Hot tub: you can actually convince her to undress if she is drunk enough. Regular kiss and French kiss are back. If you got the live sex show and play ToD, she DOES accept the "touch your pussy" dare :)
Threesome (the one you all were waiting for I bet): IF you got the crazy time, AND made the live sex show, AND got Ari to show Reb the old white dress pic, AND are playing Marco Polo in the nude, AND exit the pool, Ariane will hook with Reb and she will also offer you to watch them. Whatever you do, don't get distracted later on :) If you stay, you'll have your own sex show while Reb tells Ari how she always had the hots for her, and later you'll have sex with Ariane (only). If you leave them alone like a gentlemen, you won't see them together, a very grateful duo of new girlfriends will allow you to have an extensive sex session with them the next day.
Final sex slide shows: instead of a boring black screen, the final "stay the night" screens gives you several pics. Just click different parts of the screen for them.

This walkthrough by Erana the Sorceress. Creating nice spots for playable characters since 1989.

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