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Much Ado (the sequel)

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Actually not a screenshot of the original Audacity, the excellent freeware audio editor has got a new beta release, but that is not the topic of this post, but now you know it anyway. What I really wanted to say is...

In 2006 I wrote a topic about my most treasured vintage computer games.

Spindizzy was one of those and the original Tetris if my personal RAM is still intact. Anyway if you promise to come back after the intermezzo you can read about it here: Much Ado.

Tetris clones can be downloaded by the dozen, but my favourite amongst those is still the Blockout 3D version from California Dreams that accompanied the original game on my very first 8086 computer. It took me about 30 seconds to trace the game back in my box of floppies. Here is a printout of the about bit (it is amazing that this floppy still works after nearly 20 years):

echo BLOCKOUT - Version 1.0
echo Copyright (c) 1989 Logical Design Works, Inc.

Spindizzy clones are harder to find and the open source remake that was promised for 2007 is still on the design table. The thread on the Retro Remakes forum has now got 21 pages proving there is a certain interest for this remake. If you want to experience the look and feel of Spindizzy you can have a go at a Flash-based clone called Gyroworld. It all looks relatively simple but it is addictive as hell.

Another one of my all-time favourites is Theme Hospital. The 3D clone has now been indefinitely delayed (if one reads between the lines of the Round Donut forum) but apparently the creative team is trying to make a fresh restart in June of this year. It must be the second or third time now that the project is trying to resuscitate so if you don’t want to drop dead in the hospital corridors don’t hold your breath. My endless dwellings on the web in search for some Theme Hospital news lead me to Connection Endpoint. Alexander Gitter did some reverse engineering on the original Theme Hospital game, hoping that someone would catch his drift and turn it into an open source project. But alas…

The original 2006 topic about my top 3 games ended with the sentence: “And what about the best game ever then?” I realize now that I have never concluded that post. I have never stated here what is, in my own not so humble opinion, the best game ever.

Well, let me tell you… but just another time. First I’m going to have a go at it first. You will not have to wait for another year, I promise you that.

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