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Autumn Blues

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Recently I have been in my cynical go-get’em-all mode and I want to apologise for that. I blame it on the season but it could of course also be that my bad character is beyond fixing.

The following text (part 1 and 2) is about gameplay for adults. If your legislation forbids to read this under a certain age and if you are under that certain age you are advised to skip the first two entries of this post and to read only part 3, which is about The Sandbox of God.

On the other hand, if your religion forbids you to read about gameplay involving divine powers as well then this post is entirely not for you.

Settled? Can we go on now please?

It's spaghetti time again! Set 1. ArianeB add-on

I can’t deny it. Most visitors of my little blog don’t come here to read my philosophical musings, but to check the ArianeB section.

ArianeB or Virtually Date Ariane is a free adult click-n-play game, made by an anonymous human being who roams the net under the same name. Insiders more or less know who hides behind that pseudonym but it is not my task to divulge that information. It suffices to say he is rather interested in the intersections between mathematics and 3D graphics.

I can’t blame the man, it is easier to explain the mathematical formula A ∩ (B ∩ C) = (A ∩ B) ∩ C by saying that
a: if Rebecca is skinny dipping in the pool with ArianeB and
b: if you join ArianeB in the pool for a good old game of booby touching
the chance is big that
c: the three of you are in the same pool at the same time.
That is what they call apllied mathematics.

ArianeB 5.0 still contains some bugs in the coding, meaning that some action sometimes trigger the wrong events or pictures. Erana was one of the first to create an add-on to get rid of these bugs and to add some extra features as well.

Soon after that I was contacted by Arnulf who made an add-on for the add-on, if you understand what I mean, but my appetite for ArianeB was a bit tempered by then as I had played it about a hundred times just to make these goddamn walkthroughs. So I never added Arnulf’s creation to this blog.

But when I recently checked the forum where Arnulf posts his versions I found that his add-on has now reached version number 12. It is about 16 MB big and can be downloaded from RapidShare. Expect no walkthrough from me this time. You’re on your own!

Wendy v1 v2 v3 Set 2. An Afternoon at the Swimming Pool

The forum where any new incarnation of ArianeB (and the add-ons) is closely scrutinised belongs to Shark’s Lagoon. Shark has made quite a few sexy adventures and one of his most popular creations, Horny Afternoon, has now been extended to episode 3. In An afternoon at the swimming pool we meet Wendy, her nanny aptly called Nanny, a friend from school Cloé and, of course, Franck, the handyman who comes in handy in different ways.
(Part 2 of Horny Afternoon can be found here: Another very special afternoon. Some more information about Shark in old posts of mine: Sense And Sensibility and Cyberhugging.)

For those who have not the patience to play the new game until the end (and then once again because there are different endings and then once again because it is so damn good) Arnulf, oh no not HIM again!, has made a 24 minutes during movie with all the situations in the game. That 64 MB video walkthrough can be downloaded from Rapidshare as well. Damn, and I also wanted to make a visual guidel. There go my extra 1,000 visitors a week!

Sandbox of God Set 3. The Sandbox of God  

Far less people join this little blog to check The Sandbox of God walkthroughs. I can’t figure out why. Apparently the urge to procreate, even virtually, is far more appealing than playing god in a world populated by rabbits and men. But please bear with me for a moment.

This is what I had to say about the game in 2006:

The story itself is monotonous, the graphics are tacky, but in a strange way the game is very addictive. Before you know it hours have gone by because you still have not managed to create Volcano city or instigate world peace between rabbits and men.

The game is indeed very addictive and it is not very strange that it has acquired a loyal following. People have asked for a SoG sequel but for one reason or another, its maker, Mr. Chubigans wasn’t too keen to start producing one.

Until the following message appeared on Mr. Chubigan’s blog on the 24th of February of this year:
Sandbox of God 2: Ancient Warfare is coming April 20th.

But less than a month later it was already announced that the game would not meet its deadline and that the release date would probably be June of this year. June past by like a whirlwind and Mr. Chubigans was obliged to make another statement:

I think it’s time for a SOG 2 update, eh? I’ll be completely honest here: the project is stalled for now. Fred has gotten quite a few sprites done but there are still plenty more to go. On my end, only the night/day cycle is done. There is still much, much more work to do.

And the Vertigo Gaming unofficial FAQ has the following message:

Q: Sandbox of God 2?
A: I'm not prepared to say anything about that right now, and whether it's still going/canceled.

Blaming it on the season or not, this is quite depressing news. But instead of jerking off to ArianeB or Wendy, why don’t you just download The Sandbox of God and play with bunnies for a change?

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