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Love in the Woods

Entry 1087 posted in: The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit

On 30 June 1990 Pink Floyd played a short – albeit not very sharp - set at the Knebworth Festival. It has to be said that it was not the band’s sole responsibility that the gig was, how shall we call it, mediocre by Floydian standards. On this disastrous occasion, and this occasion alone, a 20 minutes promo film was shown at the beginning of the show, with a short appearance of none other than Iggy the Eskimo, somewhere between the 4 and 5 minutes mark.

This brand new all exciting post at The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit contains the full Syd & Iggy home movie. If you check this post today, you can watch the movie not only once, but even twice, for free!