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Love in the Woods (Part 2)

Entry 1102 posted in: The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit

The so-called Lost In The Woods movie, that was part of the Knebworth pre show documentary, is a mix coming from different people, at different places, on different occasions. The Church quotes archbishop Dark Globe, who has scrutinized the movie before:

There's footage of Syd larking around in a garden with friends in 67, the 'lilac shirt' footage of Syd (late 67/68?) in which Lyndsay Korner also appears, and the blue suit/yellow ruffled shirt footage of Syd in the woods with two girls (Iggy and a mystery brunette) from 69.
The home movie footage is multilayered and you can catch glimpses of different footage superimposed on top of the main footage.
During the bit of Syd in the woods with Iggy, there's some footage of Syd with an acoustic guitar. The flashbacks movie only shows tantalising glimpses of the Syd home movie footage.

The rest of this amazing article can be found at at The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit. Also added is a brand new gallery containing 109 spectacular multi-coloured images taken from the movie! Happy Igmas everybody!