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I’m writing this post on the worst day of the year, so tells me my newspaper, the 3rd Monday of January also known as Blue Monday or depression day.

Of course I can’t tell the difference, as I have been in a semi-constant state of half-depression for most of my life. Ever since I asked my religion teacher, I must have been 12 years old, how he could prove to me that our, his religion, Roman Catholicism, was the one and only and not for instance Protestantism or even Islamism, that also has Jesus wandering around.

The teacher looked at me as if he had heard a distant bell toll at the Vatican.

"We’ll come to that matter next year,", he told me, "when you are in high school." Obviously that was a lie and I lost all religious appetite that single moment and I still haven’t found it back 36 year later, apart from one afternoon in a pub called Purperen Heide (Purple Heath) in a dreary place called Averbode, where I met a dharma bun who tried to lure me into Buddhism. He nearly succeeded but I was incredible drunk at the time.

We’re very happy with Obama in Europe, a bit too happy if you ask me, but even he can’t resist putting the name of god in every speech he makes. If the Belgian prime minister would end a speech saying 'and may god bless us all' he would probably be forced to resign the day after. We live in a country where there is a strict division between religion and state. Let’s keep it that way, for god’s sake.

Once in a while I’m getting a pleasant surprise while browsing the web, but it is not anymore like it used to be. I still remember the first website we encountered that had a clickable image map, colleagues were gathering around the computer screen to see this new wonder of technology. Perhaps the fact that the image was that of a lady whose clothes you could click away helped a bit as well.

I haven’t bought games for my pc in a long time because all the modern programmers seem to achieve is to clone an old concept and make the intermediate movies a bit longer. I’m still happy with my old Sports Car GT (1999) that I still play from time to time. I guess my most recent commercial game is Cycling Manager dating from 2004. And I’m not going to get on once again about the golden oldies, Transport Tycoon and Theme Hospital that have been glued on my harddisk for decades.

I once mentioned Bugworld and ELU on this blog but the chance is that you missed these if you blinked once too often.

Both are simple simulation games that show competing life forms in a closed sandbox environment and it is up to the player to create a well-balanced, but sometimes fragile, eco-system.

But imagine yourself a game that describes itself as: an ambient real-time strategy game with abstract visuals where the player has to remotely command semi-autonomous self-replicating mining machines to take over an entire asteroid belt.

Isn’t really sexy, is it?

Forget it. It isn’t at all about semi-autonomous self-replicating mining machines. It is about sperm. This is your blogger’s ultimate wet dream; controlling a flock of semen floating around a in a space-warped uterus trying to fertilize an ovum. Not one single ovum, but 10, 20, 30 ova. But beware; even if you have successfully penetrated the egg, warlike enemy sperm armies threaten to overthrow your reign.

Of course it could be just as well a little prince asteroid belt with little fluffy flowery firebirds flying through cyberspace.

Make up your choice. The game is called Dyson and it just has been elected the second best free indie game of the year.

I haven’t been so pleasantly surprised for over decade.

Other freeware games that have amazed (and still keep to amaze) me are:
The Sandbox of God

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