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When Syd met Iggy... (Pt. 3)

Entry 1127 posted in: The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit

In the first part of this series (When Syd met Iggy (Pt. 1)), JenS, a Cambridge friend of Syd Barrett, recollected how she met Iggy and how she introduced the party girl to Syd.
In the second article (When Syd met Iggy... (Pt. 2)) the photo shoot from The Madcap Laughs, Barrett’s first solo album, was painstakingly reconstructed.
Part three contains some freewheeling to be entirely blamed on the Reverend whose ticky ticker jumped a few beats when he compared the Syd Barrett recording dates with the dates that Iggy (allegedly) stayed in Syd's apartment.
Not to make the third part completely redundant there are some titbits as well about Rusty and Greta, or was it Rusty and Gretta?, speed freaks for some, pretty innocent goofers for others... When Syd met Iggy... part 3...
The Church of Iggy the Inuit wishes to thank JenS for her invaluable testimony about what really happened in those early days of 1969.