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Lady Rachel and good girl Friday

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For the second or third consecutive week I didn’t see a reason to write an entry for my blog and what frightened me even more I didn’t care. I must suffer from a serious case of early spring tiredness.

At home I play the Sims for hours and hours, so presumably I’m in a perpetual god-mode, not always appreciated by my cohabiters in real time.

What does a blogger do when in need of a post but with no inspiration at all? He makes a list. Here I go.

The excellent freeware sound editor Audacity has released beta version 1.3.7, primarily a bug-fix release that significantly improves stability and usability. It incorporates some new features too, including DirectSound device support for Windows. An old post about this tool: Audacity 1.2.5.

OpenTH dot org, the home of the open source remake of Theme Hospital has started a development blog. Now if only these guys would do some programming on the game instead of making a website (that has already been completely revised twice), a forum (rarely visited), a fan collective forum (even visited less) and now a blog, then we would see some real progress, wouldn’t we? An old post about this game remake: open Theme Hospital - 3 different ones.

So far for my list. Yawn.

This morning there was a loud banging at my front door. I got out of bed, opened the door, and before I could say ‘what the f…’ a girl came hopping in.
"I am your cleaning lady.", she said.
"I didn’t ask for a cleaning lady.", I replied.
"OK.", she said, and went away as happy as she had been before.

I assure you this really happened. One could assume that God must have been playing the Sims as well but this thing occurred due to bureaucracy. On Tuesday I found a message on my home phone from a verbally challenged person from a Catholic social organisation telling me that my cleaning lady Rachel was allergic to cats and that she wouldn’t come at Wednesdays and clean the house anymore. And a second message, a couple of hours later, told me that they she had found a replacement but that this person would come on Fridays…

The thing is that I don’t have a cleaning lady called Rachel. Cleaning ladies usually avoid my home faster than the speed of light, for obvious reasons of the olfactory kind. So I called back the next day. Obviously, that next day, the bureaucratic lady in question didn’t show up at work so I had to explain everything to a colleague. This colleague agreed with me that we both didn’t have a fucking clue what this was all about so we just laughingly flirted a bit. But she assured me that everything was noted and taken care of and that probably the first lady, the one with the 100 words conversation limit, was going to call me back, just to make sure that I didn’t suffer from a temporarily memory loss and that I had forgotten I had a cleaning lady called Rachel. Needless to say that nobody called me back.

I now have this fear that for the rest of the year, on Friday, close encounters of the cleaning lady kind will occur until somebody finally decides to shoot lady #1 or cures Rachel from her allergy. But the easiest thing will probably be to ask the cleaning lady ln, so that she can clean my house just to avoid the fuss.

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