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The ArianeB 5.5 walkthroughs (1): The ArianeB Chronicles

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The dating simulation game ArianeB (or Virtually Date Ariane) has been upgraded to version 5.5 (see: ArianeB 5.50 final and finally!). Virtual Dating Simulator or ArianeB as I prefer to call it is a point and click simulation in the rich tradition of Ren’ai or Eroge games, but using Caucasian characters instead of Japanese. I just add in these difficult words to make this text look more intellectual than it really is.

If you are a newbie and want to know what this is all about about...

The game starts when you meet this gorgeous brunette, called ArianeB, and you want to get her in the sack as soon as is humanly possible. The game evolves as a graphic novel, with the difference that different actions will lead to different results and idfferent situations. Some of its content is for adults only but that is what we play for.

version 5.6 takes care of some bugs, but doesn't alter the scenarios.
version 5.7 has an added pool scenario, a revised bar trivia game and lots of new phrasings...
version 5.8 has a Parcheesi game and some extra walk-in-the-park scenes...
The latest walkthroughs for the ArianeB 6.21 game can be found at: The ArianeB 6.21 walkthroughs: All in one 

1.0 Playing the game

The game can be played offline, by downloading the complete 70671 KB package, or online. At the moment I write this (15 March 2009) both versions are the same.

In contrast with other sexual exploration games you don’t need to get your credit card out, you don’t need to subscribe; you don’t need to install backdoor-infested software or other crap. The game runs on any modern web browser with Javascript enabled. This is standard on all browsers nowadays; you actually have to turn Javascript off if you don’t want it to run. Just don’t touch anything and you’ll be fine.

1.1 Starting an offline game

Unzip datingsimulator5_5.zip to a directory of your choice and double-click default.htm in the datingsimulator folder. An alternative is to open your favourite web browser and to open the default.htm file from there. (Internet Explorer users: allow ActiveX scripts to run.)

For several reasons the different index.html pages, leftovers of the online game, will not work without some tweaking (you don’t need these anyway, so I won't bother to explain).

When all has been unzipped you should have an images folder containing 1052 files, most of them images - feel free to browse these with Irfanview - and a datingsimulator folder containing 1251, mostly htm, files. These htm files can be viewed with any text reader and contain the code for the game.

Each of the 1050 images contains clickable hot points, defined in the htm files, that will trigger different situations to be found in some other htm files. Clicking an image will refresh a new htm page and image in your browser... and another... and another until the end of the game is reached (or until ArianeB kicks you out).

New in version 5.5 is that you can click on an alternative file to start the game. The default2.htm file will start the game in debug mode; it opens debug.htm showing the status of the different variables in the game.

1.2 Variables (for experienced players)

Default2.htm is a debugging screen, but it also help the (experienced) player to check what variables have already been triggered. The following variables can be seen:

page number shows you the page number you are on
dress 1 = clothed
2 = shirtless
3 = pants less
4 = bikini
5 = bikini topless
6 = naked
allwet 1 = got wet
must change clothes
towel 0 = naked under towel
1 = topless under towel
drive after dinner you can choose to go for a drive
if drive = 1
choice is not available.
downtown 0 = first visit
1 = from restaurant
2 = from lingerie
3 = from bar
4 = from museum
5 = from dress
6 = from housewares
7 = from trivia
drinks 0 = none
1 = available but sober
2 - 6 = drinks+1
drunk = 4 if food = 0
else 7
changect number of times clothes have changed
limit is 2.
nonudity 0 = nudity allowed
1 = undetermined
2 = nudity disallowed
food 0 = hungry
1 = candlelight steak
2 = picnic steak
3 = restauraunt
4 = spaghetti
5 = burger king
romance a romantic night
face (facef) (facial foreplay count while making out - too much is awkward)
top (topf) (chest foreplay count while making out - too much is awkward)
bottom (bottomf) (lower foreplay count while making out - too much is awkward)
dance (dancect) too much dancing wears you out
swim (swimct) too much swimming wears you out
hottub 1 = previously rejected
2 = previously soaked
3 = previously Truth or Dare (tord)
daring 0 = not
1 = more
2 = brave
changeto 0 = any to map
1 = suit to patio
2 = suit to picnic
justchanged 1 = just changed to swimsuit or naked but has not done anything
(stops looping changing)
shower 1 = took a shower or hot tub
swimming and spin bottle now off
quote global variable for multiple quotes on each page
0 = random
1 = use quote 1 etc.
tord 1 = truth or dare
2 or 3 = rounds

These are not all the variables in the game. The following also exist (or did exist in previous versions) and perhaps there are others undocumented ones that haven't been found yet:

beer = 0; consuming 1 2 3
4 means drank it all
locat = 1; 1 = living room couch
2 = patio bench
3 = hot tub
dance = 0; CHANGED!! Used to return dancing to correct state afterwards
allf = 0; All the way
freshen = 0; only allowed to use the bathroom once after dinner
spinbottle = 0; spin the bottle game: allowed to spin once
stargaze = 0; only one stargaze per game
sgsource = 0; refer back if stargaze question missed 15, 21, 26, 27
nogas = 0; driving to the mountains without filling up first leads to empty tank.
blouse = 0; dressing room game variable
skirt = 0; dressing room game variable
strip = 0; 0 = full
1 = no jacket
2 = no skirt
3 = no vest
4 = no bra
5 = nude
oldmap = 0; 1 = visited map before (no car on first map visit)
swam = 0; 1 = has gone swimming but hasnt showered off yet
2 = used hot tub, shower allowed but not required
rebec = 0; 1 = following rebecca around
parktrip = 0; 1 = already visited park once
endtext = ""; text for closing message
use if endnum = 0
endnum = 0; picks patio ending text when there are multiple possibilities.

Update: Version 5.7 has a new swim race parameter that listens to the name racetime, cfr. What's New Pussycat?  I suppose that version 5.8 adds some parameters of its own as well...

1.3 The bugs

A member of the Shark's Lagoon forum found several files that are referenced in the game but that do not exist. The game will block when such a situation occurs. On the other hand several files also exist that are not refererenced (yet) in the game. These files (pictures and code) will never be used in the game. For a complete moronic list, please consult: qbv8.

1.4 The walkthroughs

At first sight the previous walkthroughs (for version 5.0 and 5.1) are still valid. However these will be checked and in the next few weeks updates will be posted.

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Have a nice flirt!