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The ArianeB 5.5 walkthroughs (5): Rebecca

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ArianeB or Virtually Date Ariane (aka Ariane Brodie and even Ariane Barnes), probably the best - free - adult dating simulation game in the world, has been recently upgraded to version 5 .5. The text has been revised, 218 pictures have been added or upgraded, some bugs have been deleted (but some new ones have slipped inside).

Here is the fifth part of a series of walkthroughs I am planning to publish for version 5.5, this text is largely copied and pasted from the previous guides, so you may experience a certain dejà vu if you have already played the previous versions. Playing by the cookbook will take most of the fun out of the game however. But it could come in handy when you are stuck in a certain situation or to check if there is a scenario you haven't been able to trigger before...

Warning: ArianeB is an 18+ game containing some virtual nudity. To put it in other words: if your mommy, church or government forbids you to look at thongs and titties you are advised not to touch it and to contemplate your fate. I will not visit you in prison.

If you are looking for previous walkthroughs, please consult: ArianeB 5.0, ArianeB 4.8 or ArianeB 4.6.

version 5.6 takes care of some bugs, but doesn't alter the scenarios.
version 5.7 has added a new pool scenario but doesn't interfere (a lot) with the the other situations. Some phrasings may have changed here and there, though...
version 5.8 adds some new après-dinner activities...
The latest walkthroughs for the ArianeB 6.21 game can be found at: The ArianeB 6.21 walkthroughs: All in one 

one of her better sides... The grass is always greener at the other side. Although the game is called ArianeB we get introduced to her friend Rebecca in a few scenarios. Rebecca likes to strip and in version 5.5 there are some new developments in that area. Let's meet her.

2.0 Introduction

The introduction is as always, exactly the same as in the other scenarios. If you don't know by now how to do that, check this post: Meet, Greet and Meat. Then have the regular steak dinner with the glass of wine in the kitchen, the glass of wine at the barbecue and the glass of wine at the dinner: We meat again.

5.1 Downtown  

After dinner you can decide to leave the house by clicking the car.

Go for a drive. Ariane is a bit tipsy and wants you to drive her car.
Go for a drive. You don't need to go to the gas station.
Go downtown.

5.1.1 Lingerie Store  

Go lingerie shopping.
Go into the lingerie store.

To continue the game ArianeB will give you 3 characteristics and you have to choose the lingerie that fits all three of them. Here are ArianeB’s possible questions:

I’m looking for underwear that’s...

comfortable, fashionable, and sexy
(Take a look around).
Pick a strapless bra.
Pick a thong.

comfortable, fashionable, and inexpensive
(Take a look around).
Pick a sports bra.
Pick boy shorts.

inexpensive, comfortable, and sexy
(Take a look around).
Pick a sports bra.
Pick a thong.

inexpensive, fashionable, and sexy
(Take a look around).
Pick going braless.
Pick boy shorts.

Wait till she tries it on.
Put clothes back and buy it.

At the desk ArianeB meets an old friend from college days: Rebecca. She asks to have a drink at the bar nearby.

Agree to drinks at the club with Ariane and Rebecca.
Ask Ariane to dance.
Go back to the bar.
Buy the next round of drinks.
Watch the two of them dance together.
Let them continue to dance.
Take Ariane and Rebecca back to Ariane's place.

5.1.2 Pool action

Rebecca, ArianeB and you are at the pool. Rebecca would like to swim but has no swimsuit.

Go inside and change into swimsuits.
Strip to your shorts and meet them outside.
Get in the pool.

...but if you are a horny bastard you will take the skinny dip option...

Vote for skinny dipping.
Take your clothes off.
Get in the pool.

It is Ariane's turn.
Close your eyes and say MARCO. You can choose to do a Marco Polo with Rebecca but this will not be appreciated by ArianeB.

Move to the right.
Let go of Ariane's breast. Rebecca starts to feel like a third wheel...
Say goodbye to Rebecca.

From here on the game is all yours (most scenarios have already been discussed in the previous walkthroughs).

5.2. Ten for Tennis

In a previous post (Bar Brawl) we have already discussed the fight in the bar. What wil happen if you meet Rebecca afterwards? Follow the above walkthrough, go downtown (5.1) and enter the bar (3.2) where you will have a drink, a dance and will get kicked out.

Get out of the club.
Go lingerie shopping.
Go into the lingerie store.

Of course you have to guess right what kingerie ArianeB really wants (if you have already forgotten by now, just consult 5.1.1)

Normally Rebecca would ask you to dance at the nightclub but since you have just been kicked out there, she looks for another place to go.

Discuss other options with Rebecca.
Be adventurous and take a chance.
Stay and watch Rebecca's show.
Continue watching.

Repeat until Rebecca's show is over.

5.2.1 Ariane's Showtime

Waiting for her friend to leave the stage Arianeb can't believe Rebecca did that. But all we want to know is, will ArianeB have the guts...

Wait for Rebecca.
See if Rebecca can talk her into it.
Encourage Ariane to dance.
Offer to be her coach.

Under the pseudonym Betty from Accounting ArianeB start her show. To bring it to full end the instructions to follow are...

Remove Jacket.
Pole Dance.
Remove Skirt.
Pole Dance.
Remove Vest.
Rub Body.
Sexy Dance.
Chair Dance.
Remove Bra.
Rub Body.
Chair Dance.
Sexy Dance.
Remove Thong.
Sexy Dance.
Chair Dance.
Rub Body.
Live Sex Act.
End routine.

Of course betty from Accounting gets the first pirce, but how about you?

Contest results.
Get dressed and celebrate victory.

5.2.2. Celebration

ArianeB is exhausted and wants to relax in the hot tub.

Take her back to her place.
Follow her in to the bedroom.
Let her finish getting ready.

Go naked hot tubbing.
Kiss her.
Stop kissing.
Massage her shoulders.
Stop massaging.
Grab her breasts.
Stop fondling her breast.
Kiss her nipples.
Stop sucking her tits.
Rub her lower back.
Quit rubbing her back.
Grab her butt.
Quit massaging her butt.
Massage her pussy.
Quit touching.
Make love.

5.3 Rebecca & You

This time we will have a steak dinner at the patio and visit Rebecca (and the museum) afterwards. Introduce yourself to ArianeB, dance a bit, shmooze a bit, go to the kitchen for the wine and decide to barbecue some steak. At the patio (in front of the BBQ)...

Drink wine. This is her second glass.
Finish drink. Ariane says it is a nice night for a picnic. So listen to here for once, will ya...
Eat dinner by the pool.
Wait for her in the hallway. Do not enter the bedroom, yet...
Eat steak dinner.
Compliment her.
Talk to her.
Drink wine. Wine number 3.
Go somewhere else. Here is a glitch in the game as ArianeB gives you an answer to a question that hasn't been asked. As this isn't Jeopardy we will just ignore the bug and... (bug removed in versions 5.6 and 5.7).
Drink the wine. Glass 4, that'll do.
Finish drink.
Go swimming.

Version 5.5 (and 5.6):
Get in the pool.
Swim some more.
Get out of the pool.

Version 5.7 adds some new images...
Jump in with her
Swim some more.
Let's get out of the pool. Alternatively, you can have a swimming contest, consult Pool Party for that.
Follow her out of the pool. Strange enough you can now decide for skinny dipping if you want but then the story takes an alternative path... so don't do that (please)...

Go back inside.
Take a shower.
Follow her into the bathroom.
Wait for her to get out.
Take a shower.
Get dressed and go for a drive.
Follow her into the bedroom. What you see is what you'll get... hopefully...
Let her finish dressing.
Go downtown.

5.3.1 Museum

Go downtown. Let's show that you are a cultural item and take her to the museum.
Go to the art museum.
Start tour. ArianeB will show you three paintings. If you can persuade her to be an art lover you will get some extra attention (she loves smart guys). The possible answers are:

Van Gogh

Hang out downtown.
Go lingerie shopping.
Go into the lingerie store. You know the routine by now don't you? After you have picked the right lingerie...

5.3.2 Club Dance

Agree to drinks at the club with Ariane and Rebecca.
Ask Ariane to dance.
Go back to the bar.
Buy the next round of drinks.
Watch the two of them dance together.
Let them continue to dance. Ooops, that skirt really is short...

If you manages to get ArianeB to the nightclub in her red blouse (she put on her black dress in this scenario) the bar dancing scene will have other images... I leave it up to you how to reach this goal. The aim of the game is to explore all different situations although they can get quite repetitive after a while.

Let them continue to dance.
Break it up before they get caught.
Drive Ariane and Rebecca back home.
Stay for a drink.
Have a drink.

Now here comes what I should call a difficult decision... You can either

Follow Ariane into the bathroom (bad idea),
Wait in the hall (ridiculous idea or...
Follow Rebecca into the bedroom (better than nothing).

5.3.3 Let's get philosophical

What to think of the next question: "Do you think it would be too presumptuous if I took off all my clothes, and climbed in bed naked and waited for Ariane to come to bed?"

No, it wouldn't be to presemptuous. Rebecca strips and takes a pose as on these old Roxy Music albums.
Strip naked and join Rebecca in bed.
Wait for Ariane.
Stay in bed.
Watch her undress.
Scoot over and make room.
Go to sleep.

Rebecca fans all over the world hope to see this scenario evolve into something... new...

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