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Annual Easter Rant (2009)

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hats off for ben I am writing these lines while the pope is doing his yearly humbug in about sixty different languages. He started saying something about Saulus from Tarsus, probably the first roman-catholic tyrant around as that bloke merely changed the first letter of his name but not his manners.

Of course I thank god (that’s a joke, obviously) for letting me live in a country where I can write these things without being sentenced to death by a bunch of people who like to walk around in dresses. Not that I am an ardent warrior against religion, I do appreciate that some people may find strength by praying, but I do feel offended when religious leaders feel that it is necessary to ordain their petty rules upon people that are dying from a disease that can be easily prevented by using some rubber.

From time to time I visit the Why Won’t God Heal Amputees blog. Although I do agree with the underlying message some of the reasons why god allegedly exists (or not exists) are rather juvenile, as a recent visitor of the forum put it. The God Is Imaginary sister site offers 50 easy proofs to deny the existence of god, but alas most of the proofs are, and I repeat myself, quite childish. If you pray to god to win the lottery and you don’t, doesn’t proof he/she/it doesn’t exist, but only that you must be a complete bozo in order to think he/she/it will listen to your crap prayer.

Taking a random quote from the bible and extrapolating that to our 21st information technology century isn’t proof either. It merely shows that the bible was a mere product of its time. If I have a problem with my brand new Apple iMac Intel Core 2 Duo processor I will not go to the attic to fetch my Sinclair ZX Spectrum manual. That is asking for trouble.

About any cretin knows nowadays that the bible isn’t really the word of god but merely a collection of short religious stories and legends that were bundled together. In the old as well in the new testament parts have been omitted and other parts have been added or rewritten, often to make it more or less conform to the current political and religious beliefs.

The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible (and also several other sites) carry lists with absurdities and contradictions in the bible. As a great admirer of the ArianeB game I immediately go looking for sex and so I found out that the book of Leviticus was the Female Eunuch of the year 500 BC. Lucky nobody follows Leviticus’ rules anymore. How many women do you know who monthly sacrifice two young pigeons in order to be forgiven for their catamenial sin (Leviticus 15:29)? And did you know that prawns in cocktail sauce are deadly for your faith as well?

Enough ranting for the day, but if the pope can do that, so can I.

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