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ArianeB UP 16 (game add-on)

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Laptop Shot Arnulf is not only is a valid contributor at Shark’s Lagoon, but an ArianeB (aka Virtually Date Ariane) fan as well. He is the main force behind a popular ArianeB add-on, taking care of some bugs in the original game and adding some new situations as well. He also pointed me in the right direction for some of the revised walkthroughs on this site. Thanks to his helpful tips two of my walkthroughs were updated last week:
The martini bug... 
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Initially one needed the original ArianeB 5.0 files in order to install the update, but as version 5.0 has been replaced by 5.5 Arnulf has integrated all necessary files in one single package. The next bit has been largely taken from the readme file (mostly written by Arnulf):


This update consists of a complete and entire game based on the ArianeB datingsimulator game, in which are integrated all add-ons of Erana, QBV8 and Arnulf.


Erana was the sorceress who published some ArianeB add-ons in 2008 (see ArianeB Hack-On & ArianeB 5.00 Add-On Walkthrough). These included:

Raised drinks limits.
Nudity allowed by default.
Three choices per stargazing, with increasingly "interesting" results.
Spin the bottle would always yields park photo shoot.
Re-activation of the old lingerie pics from version 4.7.
A brand new "white dress pic" scene.

Crazy time, AND the live sex show, AND the old white dress pic, AND Marco Polo in the nude triggers a new ArianeB versus Rebecca scene.

(Note by Felix: the actual add-on includes more situations than described here, for a full list please consult the readme file.)


After Erana posted her (?) work on Shark’s lagoon, Arnulf took over and added several other items (cfr. Autumn Blues & Do you like tennis?). A quick (and far from complete) overview:

Fully animated threesome sex scenes. New animated lesbian scene.
Several après threesome situations (possibility to go to the fastfood restaurant afterwards).
Improvement of some pictures (photoenter.jpg and photo13b.jpg).
Bug-fixes: correct pictures for several hot tub, living room and pool situations.
Possibility to always win the rock, paper, scissors game.
New basketball game and parking lot sex scene situations.
Extended hot tub sex actions.
Reprogramming of the "sleeping over after sex" scenario.
Correction of some text files and minor bug fixes.
Correction of the stargaze-functions (mainly bikini and bikini topless).
Completion of the stay-over-night scenes (2 new pictures).
Continuing the date after waterskiing at the lake.

ARNULF’S ADD-ON UP 16 - in cooperation with QBV8

The latest version now contains some helpful tools, made by QBV8. He has also debugged some incompatibilities with Internet Explorer, so that the game can now be played with IE7, Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome.

When you start the game, you see two big red buttons at the bottom of your window, labeled "Load" and "Save". By pressing "Save" at any time during the game, you can save your current major state as a cookie. This feature requires that you have cookies enabled. By pressing the "Load" button, you can load the last saved major state and continue playing from that point on. (Major state is the first picture of any new situation, for a more detailed explanation, please consult the readme file.)

For playing fun Arnulf and QBV8 have added the following features:

We imported several pictures from the new released game version 5.5, such as the skinny dipping underwater picture, the new boat picture and the sex gif-pictures from the bedroom scene.
New pictures and animations, such as animated groping the naked breast in the backyard, the living room and the hottub, correction of the penis colour and correction of the man's size entering the bedroom in relation to the girls.
These corrections have been made upon the valuable comments of Erana the Sorceress:
New animated handjob in the hottub after a too long bottom-foreplay;
a completely new designed sexy night-boattrip and
some other little surprises and bugfixes.

ArianeB UP 16 takes nearly 80 MB and can be found on RapidShare. Don’t wait to long to download it because Arnulf and QBV8 are working on several exciting new projects as well.

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