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Secret Fantasy Dreams

Entry 1330 posted in: e. Adult Oriented Games

Huggy bear Time for some adult game updates. If you feel offended (or are too young to read this) please consult the item Horses and heroes.

The Wendy games series from Shark’s Lagoon has got a new episode, the fifth one if my memory is correct. Secret Fantasy Dreams is all about Nanny and Wendy and their search for eternal happiness. There isn’t a lot of story in the game unless you want to re-define that as a toy story, if you catch my drift.

Shark’s games have become more sophisticated over the years. In the past you had to click a single spot to trigger an action but in this game you have several double spots to activate. And these are not always easy to find. If this is getting on your nerves one can always ask for a hint by typing ‘dream’ in the game. Nice feature.

If you are really stuck in the game or are to lazy to play it you can watch a video walkthrough that has been created by Arnulf and that can be downloaded at Rapidshare.

Actually this is part one of the adult games update series: part two can be found here.

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