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Virtually Date Crystal 1.1

Entry 1368 posted in: e. Adult Oriented Games

Punch! The ArianeB clone Virtually Date Crystal (VDC) has been updated and version 1.1 can now be downloaded at Rapidshare.

The game is rather a success in adult gaming circles and an unfortunate side effect is that both Chaotic’s websites are (temporarily?) down. I don’t know if he reads this space but there are several providers around that give you gigabytes of web space for less than 2 Euro per month.

Some previous paths (especially the endings) in the gameplay have been altered and a completely new, rather funny and inventive, scenario has been added (HINT: it can be triggered at an early stage of the simulation by going to the bedroom). Beware of that punch in your face!

The intro of the game has been changed (although the old files are still in the download) and the first scene is now ‘knock on the door’ and no longer the ‘catchmatch’ personality test.

Every html page has now got a build-in Javascript preventing the player to use the backspace key on his (or her) keyboard. This enlarges the files with a considerable factor: the opening screen knock.html used to have 444 bytes in version 1.0 and that has now risen to 2357 bytes (multiplied by a factor 5).

More geeky stuff: in total the amount of files has risen with 30% from 781 to 1008, and the volume has been going up from 27.3 MB to 39.9 MB, nearly 50% increase. Not a bad job in a few weeks of time.

The game still is image-map driven, meaning that clicking on a certain area of the image an appropriate link (with a new image, a new situation and new image maps) will open. Virtually Date Crystal 1.1 still uses no Javascript parameters à la ArianeB, so if one disables scripting in the html browser the backspace key trick will work again without harming the gameplay (in Firefox: Tools - Options - Content - Enable Javascript). It’s a dirty trick but it prevents to have to start all over again. Another dirty trick (using the Firefox All-in-One sidebar) is to automatically visualise the source information of the html document in question so that all possible answers (and their relative hml pages) are wide in the open. Shame on me.

The flowchart (aka walkthrough) that I made for the previous version is still valid for most of the scenarios. You can consult it at the previous VDC post: Crystal Voyager.

I am seriously thinking of making more ‘formal’ walkthroughs for the game, (Chaotic had no objections a couple of weeks ago), but as the simulation is still in full transition I think I’d better wait until the releases will have stabilised a bit.

This blog has now got a new category Crystal VD and for once the letters VD are not standing for volunteer decoration, valentine's day or venereal disease, but for virtually date. But one better be careful, you never know nowadays.


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