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The Crystal 1.1 Walkthroughs (2): Let's have a party

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Rachel the amazing snake woman! Virtually Date Crystal is an ArianeB clone, made by Chaotic. It can be played online on his site but, just like with the original predecessor, it is preferred to download, unzip and play offline. Some information about the game can be found at my blog entry: Crystal Voyager. As the flowchart / walkthrough presented in that post is (partially) outdated I'm planning to post some walkthroughs for the next couple of weeks.

Here is part two for version 1.1. If you would like to get around the backspace key protection just disable Javascript in your browser (more info: Virtually Date Crystal 1.1). As there are no parameters in the game (influencing later situations) you don't need scripting. This also means that you can resume the game from a deadlock situation if you remember the name of the previous multiple choice html file.

Playing by the chart takes most of the fun out of the game. But it comes in handy when you want to check if you have found all possibiliities.

Warning: Virtually Date Crystal is an 18+ game containing some virtual nudity and some explicite situations. If your government, religion or mother refuses you to play it you should follow that good advice. I never did and look what has become of me...

If you are playing the game from your local folder, start it by double-clicking the knock.html file. In the previous walkthrough we admired the view from the balcony and followed a gambling, drinking and striptease path. This time we head to the kitchen where there is absolutely nothing interesting. The rules of etiquette must have changed over the years as reading the messy amount of post-its, papers and discount coupons at the scrapboard was not done in my days, but anyway, that is what we will do... and guess what? We find an invitation for a party,... and what a party it is!


The party scene breaks down into different locations, situations and scenarios, and I apologise for the somewhat cluttered bottom part of the flowchart.
Pose-off 1 (left side of the chart): Crystal is asked to participate in a pose-off game after the outdoor jacuzzi. It is a dead end street basically although the story continues for a couple of frames. The same ending is triggered by following Crystal somewhere else once too often. Pose-off 1 will end the game rather unsatisfactory.
Pose-off 2 (right side of the chart): The second pose-off game is more daring, contains a strip scene and leads to an empty room with a spare bed. The ending is satisfactory for all parties involved.
To avoid pose-off 1 and 2 you need to zig-zag your way through the chart and the various locations at the party: forget the jacuzzi, forget the pool. enter the bar where everyone is leaving for the pose-off, but don't follow the crowd. Hang out with Rachel to see what happens.


If you stay with Rachel she tries once again to lure you into the pose-off game. However, there is a bug in the game (since version 1.0) and choosing the pose-off will bring you to the pool instead. Basically there are only two options left here and they always start with some pool fun (including a Truth or Dare game), followed - if all goes well - by a photo session. Where have we heard that before? The above chart shows what happens if Rachel is in the tub with the player, but you can ask Rachel to join in as well. Have fun!


Be careful as there are a lot of dead-ends here. If you play it smart you can hace a threesome with Crystal and Rachel, if you play it smarter you have a solo session with Rachel alone. Crystal doesn't want you (the player) to interfere too much, but no guidance from your part will lead her right in the arms of her friend. Normally you should be smart enough to find the endgame by yourself, but since I am in a good mood, I wil give you that as well.


So... did you find all the possible endings? Good boy.

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