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The Crystal 1.1 Walkthroughs (3): Steamboat Willie

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Somebody ought to tell her that it is freezing out there... Virtually Date Crystal is an ArianeB clone, made by Chaotic. It can be played online on his site but, just like with the original predecessor, it is preferred to download, unzip and play offline. Some information about the game can be found at my blog entry: Crystal Voyager. As the flowchart / walkthrough presented in that post is (partially) outdated I'm planning to post some walkthroughs.

Here is the final part for version 1.1. If you would like to get around the backspace key protection just disable Javascript in your browser (more info: Virtually Date Crystal 1.1). As there are no parameters in the game (influencing later situations) you don't need scripting. This also means that you can resume the game from a deadlock situation if you remember the name of the previous multiple choice html file.

Playing by the chart takes most of the fun out of the game. But it comes in handy when you want to check if you have found all possibiliities.

Warning: Virtually Date Crystal is an 18+ game containing some virtual nudity and some explicite situations. If your government, religion or mother refuses you to play it you should follow that good advice. I never did and look what has become of me...

If you are playing the game from your local folder, start it by double-clicking the knock.html file. In the first walkthrough we admired the view from the balcony and followed a gambling, drinking and striptease path. The second walkthrough learned us that party invitations are always hidden in the kitchen. With a little luck they lead to drinking and stripping as well. For the third (and final) overview of the game we will head to the bedroom first, but not for what you think that will happen there. Put on your stepping shoes and walk...


Have you made it to the steamboat? Good, please note that is is entirely different compared to a casino annex hotel. Like the hotel this boat has a bar, like the hotel this boat has a room with a bed. But unlike the hotel this boat has a top deck, were people put on their top hats and play there favourite Titanic scene.


The steamboat path was added for version 1.1 of Virtually Dating Crystal and it shows. It is funny, some dead ends go on for quite a while and Crystal likes to smash you in the face.

Chaotic's next project will probably be called Erica. Until that game is released... bye bye.. till the next time.

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