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Virtually Date Girls 1.1

Entry 1477 posted in: e. Adult Oriented Games

Chaotic, the man who gave us Virtually Date Crystal (VDC) made a new click’n point dating simulation called Virtually Date Girls (VDG).

The complete game should give you a choice between three different dates: Erica, Leilani and Kelly, as was the original intention with VDC as well, but for the moment only the Erica character is playable.

Basically this is an ArianeB clone but with slightly sloppier graphics. Like in his Crystal game the facial expressions are not always up to par and Chaotic should have a better eye for details. Somewhere in the game Erica wears a towel and when it accidentally drops down it looks like a hollow plastic tube and not as some cloth. In other places it looks like she is levitating instead of standing, sitting down, etc...

Probably Chaotic is impatient to publish his games but in some cases it is better to wait a little and to try to get everything right. Easier said than done of course, ArianeB is in its fifth generation and there are still some bugs inside.

Chaotic took some advice from the adult games community at Shark’s Lagoon and so VDG has now got a set of build-in parameters that will trigger (or not) different situations. One of the parameters is the inevitable alcohol intake and the gifts you can buy at several shops. You can visit several parts of the town ad infinitum and here the game is somewhat more flexible than ArianeB.

ArianeB uses javascript variables to store its data, VDG stacks them away in cookies, but this hasn’t always been a good idea. The game runs smoothly in Firefox but other browsers have given some undesirable results. ((I might add that it is not always that easy to make your html creations browser friendly, it took ArianeB 4 incarnations before its code was accepted by any other browser than Internet Explorer)

All html pages from VDG carry a code that make it impossible to return to the previous screen. In Chaotic’s previous game, Crystal, gameplay was pretty straightforward and one didn’t need javascript to end the game. Disabling the javascript feature in your browser allowed you to switch in between pages so you didn’t had to start all over again if you made a mistake.

This time it is different as javascript is needed to store (and load) the cookies. But there is still a way to get around the protection if you are playing an offline version loaded on your harddisk. All you have to do is to get rid of the lines that prevent the browser to do a step backwards.

The easiest thing to do is to download an utility that is able to search for a certain string inside a file and to replace it with something else. I found a freeware called Search And Replace at Nodesoft that has the ability to replace all text in between a starting and an ending point. I made it delete everything between string
<script LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" type="text/javascript"> and </script>
and after a few seconds all 429 files that carried that code had been changed. (The only problem with the software is that it needs Microsoft . NET, but modern computers should have this on board.)

I have been asked by several people to make a walkthrough as I did for ArianeB and VD Crystal. I have to admit I am a bit reluctant. No time, no motivation, generally I am a bit tired of the adult sim genre (and just now I found out that ArianeB has been upgraded - again!).

Chaotic didn’t wait and he published some general rules for the game on his site. These help you and if you are really stuck you can always consult the VDG thread on Shark’s Lagoon.

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