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ArianeB 5.8

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NEW: THE ARIANEB WALKTHROUGHS have now got their own domain:

ArianeB 5.8 ArianeB, also known as Virtually Date Ariane or Ariane’s Dating Simulator Game and all other permutations of the words Ariane, virtual, dating, simulation and game (just trying to score a bit higher at Google here) has been upgraded to version 5.8.

This version has got 94 new (or updated) html pages and 66 new (or updated) images

The update was, according to its maker, necessary because there was a certain inconsistency in the previous ending scenarios:

In an effort to open up the ending a bit, if you do go to the kitchen after eating dessert (or swimming, or showering), Ariane will suggest what to do next based on what you have or haven’t done so far. You can accept or decline her recommendations, until she gets tired of your constant rejections, or she runs out of ideas, whichever comes first. (Taken from Life in the Metaverse.)

Parcheesi! One of the new options in ArianeB is to play a board game called Parcheesi, something I had never heard of before. Playing Parcheesi ends the simulation but not in the most stimulative way. The scenario can be triggered with Ariane wearing her red blouse, her blue bikini (see top pic) and her black evening dress

But the new version has got some pleasant surprises as well. The basketball best-of-three competition has been extended with a bikini variety, and those who are familiar with the situation know that ArianeB will sometimes attempt to take away your concentration. (More info: consult Meet, Greet and Meat.)

An even better surprise are the swing set and monkey bar acrobatics. Be sure that ArianeB is in evening dress and asks you to go for a walk in the park. It is a hell of a job anyway to to gymnastics in a tight black dress, if you catch my drift...

People who are already familiar with the simulation should now know how to get there. For the newbies I will try to make a quick walkthrough later on.

For those who are wondering how Ariane Brodie (or is it Ariane Barnes?) looks like in Second Life there is a gallery at Koinup showing some screenshots. Apparently Second Life (or OpenSim) is the only place to meet her in the flesh.

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