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Leilani Virtual Date Girls has got a new 100 MB update. The new girl is called Leilani, but the release has been done rather in a hurry, not always a good sign, and several reports at Shark’s Lagoon already mention crashes and bugs. The good news however is that some previous bugs with the Erica character have been solved. Chaotic’s output is rather frantic and I’m pretty sure it will not take a long time before a bug fixing release will see the light of day.

At first sight, I haven’t played the game yet, it seems that the graphics have improved a lot although one can still see that vintage DAZ models have been used. Chaotic has tried to overcome some technical problems by releasing two different browser-dependant downloads: one for Firefox, another one for Internet Explorer. He goes in against the tide with this decision as most modern independent or open-source games nowadays try to be compatible with all current computer systems or browsers. Of course this is Chaotic’s decision but in my opinion this will only multiply the problems instead of diminishing them. Especially later on when extra girls, items and parameters will be added. A future version will probably implement a money parameter to go and buy things at the several shops in the game, for instance.

Leilani has got four endings so far. There were going to be five, but one had to be removed due to technical issues. Downloaders can have a sneak preview as several images in the package aren’t used in the game for the moment but will be implemented in a future release.

It is Chaotic’s ultimate wet dream to have 5 different dates for VDG and he is already thinking of VDG volume two. Chaotic’s method of work is so fast that he will probably get there at the end of this year and by the time that date 5 will have been released most bugs will have disappeared from the other versions.

Unfinished Projects will not make a VDG walkthrough but some hints and tips can be found on Chaotic’s site. Some walkthroughs are floating on the web as well. It is possible that I will post some of these, if the authors give me permission to publish them.

The make-a-Virtually-Date-Ariane-clone virus has struck another victim as well. Tictac announces The Life of Average Joe, but the project is still on the drawing table, as he (she?) would like to have: ‘ideas for the story, features, scenes, settings, models (anime too)’.

In the game, you control an "Average Joe" character, working at a big international IT company. The game will feature its own currency, profile and a save feature. While it will be point-and-click from a POV perspective, there will be consequences and the game will feature twists and turns as you progress, based on your previous decisions. It will feature many locations, one being the ability to go on vacations and so forth.

I’m not very sure it this program will ever see the light of day as Tictac is still looking for:
a skilled programmer or coder,
a skilled flash artist and
people fluent in French, German, Spanish to make the localised versions.

Feel free to react if you are interested to join the project.

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