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The ArianeB 5.8 walkthroughs (2): Whiskey in the Jar

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Virtually Date Ariane (aka ArianeB aka Ariane Barnes aka Ariane Brodie) has been upgraded to version 5.8. Going to the kitchen after dessert (and after the chance to play the spin the bottle game) will make ArianeB consider what options are still open. She will then propose one of these and the player may agree or disagree.

If you don’t like ArianeB’s proposal she will think of another one, and another,… until she runs out of ideas and the game has got no more options left… and there is a rather big chance she will kick you out if you don’t go along with one of them. The programmer, whose identity is still harder to find than Osama Bin Laden’s nice little grotto, has extended a few situations and created an entirely new one.

Although I have played ArianeB a couple of hundred times now I am still baffled by the complexity of the game and the different situations that are created, not randomly, but as a result of previous decisions.

Warning: ArianeB is an 18+ game containing some virtual nudity. To put it in other words: if your mommy, church or government forbids you to look at pixels that may give you the illusion of nude female flesh you are advised not to play this simulation and to contemplate your fate of chastity and boredom. I will not visit you in prison and if you do get there I recommend you never to pick up the soap!

Update: the latest walkthroughs for the ArianeB 6.21 game can be found at: The ArianeB 6.21 walkthroughs: All in one

Sun was so gentle to let me know that the Hold your liquor!-scenario is no longer valid in version 5.8. There may be others, but as the game has so many different highways, roads and in-between paths it is quite impossible to find them all. Qbv8, who has worked on alternative ArianeB stories, told the Shark’s Lagoon community that the game has about 1800 nodes, and rather than counting these myself, I decided to simply believe him.

Arnulf, who is a philarianist (a skilled specialist for each version of ArianeB) in his own right and who has published several add-ons for the game, came up with an alternative way to get the liquor in the lady and gave me the permission to publish it here.

These walkthroughs for versions 5.5 and higher are now a mess, I confess, I will have to do a very thorough cleanup but as this blog is called Unfinished Projects I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you...


Introduce Yourself.
Say something funny. One small change in the opening bit, just to let you know that it is possible.
Compliment her outfit.
Kiss her cheek.
18 or over.

Turn on some music.
Kiss her while dancing.
Stop kissing.
Change music or dance again.
Soft Rock.
Kiss her while dancing.
Stop kissing.
Dip and kiss her neck.
Stop necking.
Go back to the couch.

Go to another room.
Get wine to drink.
Finish drink.
Drink wine.
Finish drink. Arnulf added in two drinking sessions in his walkthrough and thus I don't know what I should think of him...

Make Spaghetti for dinner.
Eat Spaghetti.
Drink Wine.
Compliment her.
Talk to her. ArianeB can't eat spaghetti without making a mess of it...
Go somewhere else.

Go to the bathroom.
Wait for her in the hallway.
Use the bathroom.
Go to the kitchen for dessert.
Eat dessert then go somewhere else.

Go to the kitchen.
Let`s get in my car and go for a drive downtown.
Ask if she has other ideas.
How about we take a walk to the park and do something there?
Ask if she has other ideas.
We could sit on the bench out back and look at tonights beautiful sky.
Say: OK, let's do that.

It’s up to the human player to win the stargaze contest. An easy way to always win the game is to download my basketball / stargazing patch that contains the answers to all questions. Or you can have a peek at the moon regions... and here are the stars... Win the contest and as a reward ArianeB will...

"Take my shirt off".
Let her undress.
Go back inside.
Go to the kitchen.
You have seen my pool. Let`s go swimming.
Ask if she has other ideas.
What do you say we grab some whiskey out of the cabinet and get plastered? Now we're talking...
Say: OK, let's do that....

Drink whiskey.
Finish drink.
Compliment her.
Grab her breasts.
Stop fondling her boobs.
Rub her thighs.
Stop massaging. ArianeB suddenly finds she is slightly overdressed...
Let her undress.
Rub her thighs.
Stop massaging. Hmmm...
Let her undress.
Touch her pussy.
Stop fingering her pussy.

Finish off the bottle.
Carry her to bed.
Make her more comfortable.
Tuck her in.
Get in bed.
Go to sleep.

On a scale of 1 to 10, you get a 7.


In a previous walkthrough we showed you how to get into a striptease contest with ArianeB's friend from the lingerie shop, Rebecca. but there is an alternative way to get into the cabaret.

Do the introduction from above but don’t go for the spaghetti, instead invite her to the bistro for the steak dinner...

Suggest going out to dinner.
Wait for her in the hallway.
Go out to dinner.
Be seated.
Order dinner.
Continue to eat.
Compliment her.
Talk to her.
Drink wine.
Pick up the check.
Head out. If you have played the game before you'll remember that ArianeB wants to have a drink...

Go to bar.
I'm driving so club soda please.
Ask her to dance.
Keep dancing.
Protect Ariane.
Get her away from this guy.
Get out of the club. ArianeB wants to leave the town asap...

Head to outskirts.
Go to the Live Cabaret.
Ask her to join Amateur Night contest.
Encourage her to striptease.
Let's get started. The (difficult) dstriptease routine can start...

Remove Jacket.
Pole Dance.
Remove Skirt.
Pole Dance.
Remove Vest.
Rub Body.
Sexy Dance.
Chair Dance.
Remove Bra.
Rub Body.
Chair Dance.
Sexy Dance.
Remove Thong.
Sexy Dance.
Chair Dance.
Rub Body.
Live Sex Act.
End routine.

Contest result. Guess what, ArianeB has won the contest and she wants to celebrate it back home...
Get dressed and celebrate victory.
Take her back to her place.
Wait for her in the hallway.
Go naked hot tubbing. All is open (no pun intended) from here on... such as...

Go somewhere else.
Go back inside.
Get liquor from kitchen.
You have seen my pool. Let`s go swimming.
Ask if she has got any other ideas.
We could take a shower and wash off this chlorine?
Ask if she has got any other ideas.
I`m out of beer, lets go to the convenience store for a six pack?
Ask if she has got any other ideas. Remember, never let her propose more than three times, because if you do...

ArianeB throws you out. You should’ve taken one of the three options, dude!

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