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Thingamablog 1.5

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Thingamablog logo Those that peek behind the green door of this blog may have noticed that it has been conceived with blogging software called Thingamablog. I have consecrated a few posts to the program before but these all date from quite a while ago.

The reason is simple, the last update from the application dates of December the 2nd, 2007 and since then nothing happened. I am not in the business of upgrading for the sake of upgrading like all these other programmers, if anyone can explain me the difference between - for instance - Adobe Reader 5 and 10, please do, and I don’t mean the fact that the workload and the physical volume of the software has doubled in size. I always sardonically laugh when people at work tell me that we urgently need Office 2007 because the 2000 version is too old. These are the same people who ask me on a weekly base: Can you refresh my memory how to multiply two cells in Excel? I always have got the same answer ready for them: same formula as in Excel 95 (and Excel for DOS, if one still remembers)!

But Thingamablog version 1.1B6 was still a work in progress with a few dozen of fans (and thousands of users). The forum was active and demands were made, not always silly ones, to add features that the bigger blogging communities (and software) already offered.

Updates were quirky to say the least: V1.05 dated from November 2005, December 2006 saw V1.06 and a year later, November 2007 V1.1B5. But the yearly upgrades clockwork system failed in 2008. When also the forum disappeared everybody thought that Thingamablog was dead.

Until now. My machine that goes ping when important messages arrive did ping. The message read:

Thingamablog 1.5: A Call For Testers and Translators!
Thingamablog is back from the dead with a new release (version 1.5) right around the corner. The forums will be back soon as well. Everything is moving to a new, more flexible, web host at thingamablog.com which should provide for some interesting stuff in the future.

New features in (the beta version of) TAMB are the use of keywords, descriptions, 'extra fields' and labels on each post and intimi will be glad to see that new tags have been added. Here is a quick rundown of the new tags (they need to be included on the page templates in order to be published):

<Entries category="">
<Entries id="">
<Entries label="sticky">

The question is if TAMB will be able to regain some confidence. Lots of (possible) users have switched over to Wordpress or other blogging solutions, but I’ll think I’ll stay faithful to my old love for a while.

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