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It has been the most wonderful week. After I had read a favourable review of Douglas Coupland’s Generation A in the newspaper I bought me the book and I am in the middle of reading that one now. The story is put in a future not so very far from now where bees have disappeared altogether and the weather is constantly playing tricks on the population, like suburban smog.

When 5 persons around the world get stung they are immediately abducted by special services into a research centre that reminds the reader of the white room where David Bowman encountered himself. The quintet is repeatedly injected, inspected, detected, infected, neglected and selected (borrowed from Alice's Restaurant © Arlo Guthrie).

When apparently nothing common between them is found they are put back into the world where they have troubles coping with their instant Youtube superstar status. They all meet for the first time, because their stay at the research centre was in splendid isolation, on a distant island where the last beehive was ever found and that is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

The island has turned in a Mad Max environment with murders being committed on a daily base. The five get the assignment to tell stories to each other, like the people in the Decameron, because that might be a way to find out why the bees exactly choose them…

This week the new Orb album also landed on my desk. It is called Baghdad Batteries and was a pleasant surprise. It isn’t a masterpiece but I found it pretty cool that they have returned to their ambient roots. It is pleasantly soothing.

If anybody ever reads this shit it might be good to know that a couple of months ago I had some eye injections that made me exactly feel as if someone was sticking a needle through my eye. This week I had some tests to see if these injections had really worked or if they had just been a weird Dr. Caligari experiment.

First I was summoned by one of the most ravishing women I have ever seen, she made me read cards that went like DEFPOTEC but all I could think of was that she could defpotec me all night long. A while later, still in a happy mood, I was reading Generation A by the way, I went to the picture man who was going to take pictures.

I had to roll up my sleeve and I was injected with a yellow contrast fluid. The nurse warned me that I might look yellow; well not look yellow, but that everything I would look at would appear yellowish.

Wow! All of a sudden I was feeling like Neil, the hippie, on a sunny day, humming Daydream Believer, although in my case, and I kid you not, a rather popular Coldplay tune was ringing through my head.

Once home I had to take a leak, and my urine was fluorescently yellow as if I had eaten a six-pack of Stabilo Boss marker-pens. If they could make this thing in orange and pink it would be a great hit on summer festivals around the world, I thought. Let’s all do a rainbow pee.

And today I also purchased me – what is officially titled –


The book is written by Eoin Colfer, with a name like that you become either a science fiction writer or an Irish folk dancer, I guess, but Eoin didn’t take the easy way out. But the book will have to wait until I finish Generation A.

I’m yellowy pissed anyway that for the first time in history a hitchhiker book actually appears on the day that it was promised to appear. At least they could’ve said on the twelfth of October that it had all been a joke and that - to celebrate and honour Mr. Douglas Adams - the book would appear in another timeframe.

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