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ArianeB 6.1 ArianeB 6.1

Since a couple of weeks the dating simulator ArianeB, also known as Ariane Barnes or Virtually Date Ariane and even Ariane Brodie (sorry, just adding these synonyms to get a higher Google ranking), has been upgraded to version 6.1.

The changes have been applied to the html pages alone and as far as I could check no images have been tampered with. Apart from some bug fixes the story is identical to that of version 6.0. The main difference is that Ariane’s responses, which - up till now - were only visible as tooltips on the images by moving the mouse over the appropriate area, are now reflected as well in the bottom text area.

For the original overview of the changes you can always check the Life in the Metaverse blog.

I will not end this post by saying that the walkthrough of version 6.1 will come any day now, as I still didn’t find the time to investigate the different new scenario’s of version 6.0 (nor 6.1). But I did play version 6.0 a few times and I immediately came home with a toaster!

Let me say that my wild friendship with ArianeB has temporarily tempered a bit, and the arrival of several new characters at Shark’s Lagoon will certainly not help remediate that.

Florian & Alancy Desire and Submission

Shark, from Shark’s Lagoon, has once done it again and leaves us with a nice Christmas bonus. He has teamed up with a few people from the Shark’s Lagoon forum and together they came with a new flash game called Desire and Submission, an adult sim exploring the boundaries of BDSM, but always staying within the limits of Shark’s universe, meaning that the adventure is rather witty than offensive or vulgar.

Shark’s games are a mixture of point and click simulation adventures, graphic novels and/or interactive movies. The story develops in the usual way, with people talking to each other through text balloons and a next button to proceed to the following scene. It is advised not to skip the texts as some contain hints for later on, but you can scroll rapidly through the different panels by clicking on the space where the ‘next’ button arrives, even if it is not visible.

Once in a while the story is halted, the mouse pointer changes into a circle and it is up to the player to trigger the following events. As such the game resembles those classic point and click adventures like Day of the Tentacle, but of course Shark’s latest asset is not about a bunch of teenagers careening through space and time, deep-freezing and microwaving hamsters en passant. Desire and Submission contains adult topics, adult topics we adults like so much that we can’t have enough of them. Well, some of us do.

In Shark’s earlier creations a single click would start a next scene, but in this game there are quite a few puzzles where so-called combo-clicks, in the right order and inside a limited time frame, have to take place. There are also some interesting sidesteps, if the player takes the wrong decision for instance, the story will continue for a while and will only reveal a dead end after some further developing situations have taken place. Personally I liked one alternative ending so much that I would like to see it develop into a parallel universe, so to speak.

People who are not used to Shark’s games (and the way they work) may have some problems initially; I have ‘grown up’ with Shark’s earlier incantations and know how they have been evolving, from release to release, always towards the better. This last effort is, undoubtedly, his best creation ever. Lagoon games have that certain cartoonish 3D style that makes me wonder if this is the kind of thing the Thunderbirds were doing after hours.

As usual the Shark’s Lagoon forum has dedicated a thread to the game were subtle hints are dispersed over its 25 pages or so, members have been informed not to give too much away as this will take away the fun of the game, so asking for the password to get to the second episode of the game will simply be ignored, if you are lucky (if you are unlucky you will get a spank for help).

spank spank spank spank lovely spank! Shark’s last has evolved into a real interactive story and has been separated in two different episodes (with hopefully more to come). Part 1, Alancy, shows how the fresh wife of a nobleman is introduced in the strange ways of French nobility, including whips and dungeons. When the first episode has been ended to the satisfaction of all parties a password is revealed that can be used to start the second episode, Florian, but if no password is revealed the game has switched over to an alternative ending, that is also fun to play, but will not lead to success.

Talking about success, Shark’s games are not only getting better from release to release but are also gaining in popularity. The downside of this all is that since "desire and submission" is on-line, the website is very slow. The visitors are increasingly numerous in the lagoon and the server cannot respond all the requests.”

The website has increased from about 2000 visitors a day during the Sweet Alison days to its tenfold. So Shark has now got to think about the possibility to move his site to a bigger server that will obviously cost more money. Shark's games have always been freeware, but he did accept donations through PayPal, but this account has recently been closed, due to PayPal's shady politics of ‘diffusing of sexual contents’.

Bad luck never comes alone.

Desire and Submission can be found at Shark’s Lagoon. The games can also be downloaded and these downloads have better graphics than the on-line versions. Unfortunately these files are hosted on Rapidshare, a website that has the most misleading name ever. Getting the files tempt to be a rather quirky business and are very very very slow. Episode 1: Alancy takes about 33 MB and episode 2: Florian around 41 MB.

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