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iPod Random Generator December 2009

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Sometimes I think that my iPod has a mind of its own, telepathically connected to my own. I have literally made hundreds of radio programs in my angry young days, but the daring combinations the iPod randomizer presents me are quite spectacular and always always awe-inspiring.

Did it know it was the end of the year? The five last songs it presented to me were:
Mr. Tambourine Man, The Byrds followed by
The Beatles’s All You Need Is Love.

Then came a suiting intermezzo with If I Could Change Your Mind from The Alan Parsons Project (from their rather disappointing album Eve).

The last songs of the year, and damned if I do, were both from the same artist, a bloke named Syd Barrett whose Baby Lemonade was followed by Terrapin. Thus ended the year for my iPod.

The underneath graph gives the songs that were played the most this year (or last year, if you will), and apart from the quite hideous Vega-Tables from Brian Wilson’s Smile, I’m still not sure if I have to praise or to hate that album, it’s a pretty fair bunch.

And because I have now reliable statistics from the last two years (and obviously because I am a geek) I present you hereafter with an overview of that. It is the combined top 20 from the top tens of 2008 and 2009. The result is far from spectacular and up till now there is no deductible pattern, but it cost me quite some time to make it, so I’ll present it here anyway.

Next year all my iPod statistics will be reset to zero and a new set of greatest hits will be randomly chosen. Welcome to the machine.

As always the playlist of the month will appear on my MySpace blog and the overview of the year will be glued on my MySpace entrance page. And for those who still want to know the how and what and where and when I give you this old link: Random Blueß aka sucking for statistics 

If you want to know how the graph looked like last month: iPod Random Generator November 2009