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The Sandbox Of God 1.52 – Year 2010

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SoG 2010 It was already announced a couple of times before, but finally here it is: Sandbox Of God version one point five two. There is some good and some bad news.

People who were slightly aware of Mark Overmars’s Game Maker utility a couple of years ago obviously know Sandbox of God as it was, together with Seiklus, one of the top games created with this software. Sandbox is one those games proving that you don’t need ultra-realism and ten-minutes introduction movies to have decent entertainment.

Here is what I wrote about it in 2006 (the game was by then, already two years old, and still mega-popular):

The story itself is monotonous, the graphics are tacky, but in a strange way the game is very addictive. Before you know it hours have gone by because you still have not managed to create Volcano city or instigate world peace between rabbits and men.

Mr. Chubigans went on, creating Vertigo Gaming, now selling various (self-devised and highly original) indie games, but the legacy of SoG was one that couldn’t be easily forgotten and for the last lustrum fans have been asking for a follow up.

There have always been talks about a sequel and in 2008 SoG: Ancient Warfare was announced and then, a month later, put in the fridge again. The FAQ at Vertigo put it this way (for 2010 the text has changed):

Q: Sandbox of God 2?
A: I'm not prepared to say anything about that right now, and whether it's still going / cancelled.

Finally, last year, a Sandbox of God remake was announced for real. Mr. Chubigans hastily explained that this was NOT, I repeat NOT, Sandbox of God Part 2, the sequel, the next generation, or whatever… but merely an update to make the game running smoothly under Windows Vista and Seven.

Sandbox of God now comes in two flavours: the freeware edition (1.52) and the Remastered (and slightly commercial) edition.

The freeware edition has got the following changes:

Updated engine
Game Maker 8 instead of 5, making it faster and slightly more reliable.

Updated music and sounds
The original version contained some copyrighted music and sounds and these have been replaced.

Updating and news screen
Basically this is a build-in internet page showing you the latest news and updates from Vertigo with a possibility to download the most recent version (if any) .

Updated save system
Making saved games more reliable compared to the quirky 2004 version.

Updated play speeds
You can now play the game in three different speeds.

That the game is an upgrade and hasn’t got any new situations (quite the contrary as the original easter eggs seem to have disappeared) can be proved by the fact that my walkthroughs from 2006 are still valid (I have updated them a bit). I’ll put the links of these five walkthroughs, that is all it takes to complete the game and end with a 100% score, at the bottom of this post.

Sandbox of God Remastered is an expanded version of SoG 1.52 and is not freeware, but, until April of this year, given away for free to existing customers of Vertigo Gaming. In other words, you get the game for free if you buy (or have already bought) another one.

SoG:R includes all changes from version 1.52 but has two new features:

The Sandbox of God board game. You can still play SoG in it’s classic style or switch to a brand new style called Simulated board game. In this new style, SOG:R simulates how one might play a board game version of the Sandbox of God in their basement using light gels, clay figures, blocks and cards, and Christmas lights. Switching between the classic style and the board game style can be done between rounds.

The Sandbox of God Warfare. This is a brand new game and we’ll switch over to Mr. Chubigans’s description:

As man sits atop the world, enjoying the fruits of his labour, evil rabbits plot revenge. Defend man’s civilization as you purchase new defences and upgrades, and prepare to do battle with the ever-multiplying civilization of rabbits. Use your godly powers of lighting and destruction to destroy rabbit armies and huts…provided that you have enough cash, of course. Unlock new cards by beating Sandbox mode and see how far into the future you can survive!

The (recently updated) Sandbox of Gods walkthroughs can be found at:
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