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(I've got my) Mojo (working...)

Entry 1625 posted in: The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit

As if the world has suddenly been hit by a temporal rift in spacetime the March 2010 issue of Mojo music magazine has hit the stores bearing a big (slightly photoshopped) portrait of a mister Syd Barrett. The well-written and rather accurate cover article, by Pat Gilbert, ranges from page 70 to 81 and tells the story of The Madcap Laughs, Syd Barrett’s first solo album.

Two other articles are of particular interest to the Church as they describe the mythical presence of a ‘girl whose naked body graced the back cover of The Madcap Laughs’.

This week's instalment at the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit discusses Mark Blake's Who’s That Girl article. Next week's post will cover the second Iggy-related article from Mojo 196: In My Room, written by Paul Drummond, containing interviews with Duggie Fields, Mick Rock, Storm Thorgerson and Jenny Spires.