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ArianeB 6.21

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NEW: THE ARIANEB WALKTHROUGHS have now got their own domain:

ArianeB 6.2 The dating simulator better known as ArianeB or Virtually Date Ariane (we still don’t know if the B stands for Barnes or for Brodie) has been upgraded to version 6.21.

76 htm pages and 38 pictures have been added or upgraded, compared to 6.1 that basically was a bug fix from version 6.0, but apparently this bug fixing release created quite a few extra ones.

For the first time in a long time, the maker of ArianeB dropped a scenario, but there are some new scenes as well. This could well be the final ArianeB version, to quote its maker:

I’m pretty close to saying, “I’m done, no more tinkering.” There are some pictures I’d like to redo, maybe some text to change, but otherwise it is fine. Every time I tinker I seem to create new bugs anyways.

If I had a photograph of you... Because the creator has a list of 8 new scenarios he is seriously thinking of creating a second game, hopefully with the same dramatis personae, but he can explain it much better than I can in his Arianeb blog.

My last (partial) ArianeB walkthroughs dates from July 2009 (version 5.8) but in fact these were just add-ons on the main walkthroughs that I had made for version 5.5. These are, to say it simply, a big mess and not very easy to use. Although my wild friendship with ArianeB had tempered a bit the last months I am now in the middle of creating a completely new and revised ArianeB-How-To questions and answers section. These will be (hopefully) published in the next few weeks, but of course all will depend upon the latest news that I will receive from that other virtual girlfriend of mine: Iggy, the Eskimo.