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The ArianeB 6.4 walkthroughs: How to have a steak dinner?

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The dinner is a pivotal point in the game as it will often decide what will - or can - happen next. Actually there are five dinners in the game:
a steak dinner at the dinner table,
a bikini steak dinner at the pool, (How to have a patio dinner?)
meatball spaghetti, (How to eat some spaghetti?)
a sophisticated bistro dinner (How to have a bistro dinner?) and last (and least):
an average hamburger and coke (How to have a hamburger?). These are all presented in one of the later walkthroughs.

To get to the dinner table you first have to introduce yourself: How do I introduce myself?
After the introduction you have the choice to visit different places in the house.

Get wine to drink. Giving ArianeB a drink puts her in a good mood.
Finish drink.
Get steaks for dinner. The scene moves to the outside, at the barbecue.
Drink wine. A second drink will put ArianeB in an even better mood.

Note: this second glass of wine is very important, if you try the walkthroughs without the second glass the outcome will be different. How different is up to you to find out, but as a general rule ArianeB will be less inclined to act impulsive (Of course, there will be plenty of situations later on to have that extra drink.)

Finish drink.
Wait for the steaks.
Eat steak dinner.
Compliment her.
Talk to her.
Drink wine.
Go somewhere else.

The steak dinner walkthrough already stops here, because after dinner there is a wide choice of different things to do...

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