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The ArianeB 6.4 walkthroughs: How to have a bistro dinner?

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In the steak dinner walkthrough I mentioned that there are five possible meals in the game. Let's take ArianeB out for dinner and see what happens. As always we will have to persuade her first that our intentions are good.

First: How do I introduce myself?

Go to another room.
Get wine to drink.
Finish drink. This first glass of wine will trigger the bistro scenario.

Suggest going out to dinner.
Wait for her in the hallway. Do not enter the bedroom. ArianeB puts on a ravishing black dress.
Go out to dinner.

Be seated.
Order dinner.
Talk to her.
Compliment her.
Eat dinner.
Drink wine.
Pick up the check. I said: pick up the check. If you don't pick up the check ArianeB will be a trifle disappointed (although, for completists, not paying the bill could give other twists to the game).

Head out. ArianeB takes you to the nightclub.
Go to bar.
I'm driving so club soda please. ArianeB is pleased that you aren't drinking alcohol.

Ask her to dance.
Keep dancing.

Dancing with ArianeB means trouble. That is why the rest of the adventure will be discussed in a following walkthrough...

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