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The ArianeB 6.4 walkthroughs: How to have some roller coaster fun?

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In a previous walkthrough we took ArianeB to a posh restaurant (actually, she choose the place) and paid the bill. She has thanked us and we are now dancing in a nightclub at the center of Arianeville. However, if you haven't played the previous walkthrough these are the steps you should follow:

First: How do I introduce myself? 
Second: How to have a bistro dinner? 

At a certain point ArianeB utters the memorable worlds: Oooh yeah! Shake it baby, S-S-shake it! You would like to Keep on dancing but suddenly a bloke grabs ArianeB by her dress. What would you do in such a situation? (Personally I would chicken out, but this is virtual reality, remember!) Let's do the superhero thing and whack the attacker through outer space.

Punch the guy. That'll teach him!
Retreat before a fight breaks out. Apparently the guy you just hit must have been the owner's son because a bouncer kicks you out.
Get out of the club.

Nothing is better to win a girl's lust than to do the white prince on a horse in a shiny armour thing, or was that a prince in a shiny armour on a white horse? Whatever, the future looks bright and you pass an amusement park on your way home. "Hey! That's an amusement park over there! Shall we check it out?"

Go to amusement park.
Go on the roller coaster.
Finish ride.

Go on the log ride.
Enjoy the ride. Unfortunately, the log ride is one that ends with a splash.
Get wet.

Go back to her place. Instead of sharing a hot steaming shower together, ArianeB kicks you out.

If there is one thing you have learned by now it is to leave your armour at home, kill your white horse, and if someone wants to grab ArianeB in a nightclub to say: be my guest.

On a scale from 1 to 10 you get a 7.
Game over.

In the next walkthrough we will try to find a better ending, promised...

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