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The ArianeB 6.4 walkthroughs: Another way to have a beer in the kitchen

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A while ago we had some, one too many, beers in the kitchen. If you don't remember it, what can happen after some boozing, you can replay that scene here: How to have a beer? 

Here is a better way to drink some Carlsberg, because that is the brand ArianeB prefers and I can't blame her as I like that one myself, especially compared to the kind of bottled piss they brew in my hometown Louvain. But beer is not what bothers us the most. Let's get on with the game.

First: How do I introduce myself? 
Second: How to have a bistro dinner? 

At the bar do not kick the bloke in the face, but...
Protect Ariane. Son of a bitch!
Get her away from this guy.
Get out of the club. If you'd like, we could drive to the outskirts and find something else to do.

Well don't listen to ArianeB for a change, don't drive to the outskirts or enter the amusement park but head for home instead.

Continue on home. Where shall we go now?
Go to the convenience store. (Click immediately on the car.)
Go shopping.

Pay for the beer and head for the jeep.

Go back to her place. The action will take place in the kitchen.
Grab a beer.
Finish off the can.
Crush your can too.
Kiss her lips.
Stop kissing.

Grab a beer.
Finish off the can. ArianeB suddenly realises this is a game where one takes his (or rather her) clothes off.
Let her take if off.
Kiss her lips.
Stop kissing.
Kiss her neck and grab her breast.
Stop necking.
Reach around and grab her ass.
Let go off her ass.

Drinking a third beer may be rather dangerous to do, although it results into some beautiful images. If you still want to go on for a while you may choose to...

Go somewhere else. And immediately return to the kitchen.
Go to the kitchen for dessert.

In one of the previous versions of ArianeB (5.8 if you wanna know) its maker introduced a new conversation module. Entering the kitchen (after lunch & dessert) will trigger some proposals from ArianeB: 3 to be precise. You are free to accept or refuse, but after a third refusal ArianeB will be so annoyed that she kicks you out. Most of the time.

ArianeB's first proposal: You have seen my pool. Let`s go swimming.
This will result in some skinny dipping.
You can accept her proposal or ask if she has any other suggestions.

ArianeB's second proposal: What do you say we grab some whiskey out of the cabinet and get plastered?
If you accept, getting plastered is what ArianeB will do, but it results into rather nice images.
You can accept her proposal or ask if she has any other suggestions.

Contradictory of what I just said there will be no third proposal from ArianeB this time and she kicks you out anyway: I can't think of anything else to do tonight, why don`t we say goodnight.

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