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The ArianeB 6.4 walkthroughs: How to get an advanced anatomy lesson?

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Another variant of the bistro dinner - let's have a beer afterwards in the kitchen - theme. To get our kicks you have to follow the initial bistro dinner steps.

First: How do I introduce myself? 
Second: How to have a bistro dinner?

ArianeB takes you to the bar with the known side effects. As usual, do not kick the bloke in the face, but...
Protect Ariane. Son of a bitch!
Get her away from this guy.
Get out of the club. If you'd like, we could drive to the outskirts and find something else to do.

You must know by now that you have to drive home to get that beer.

Continue on home. Where shall we go now?
Go to the convenience store. (Click immediately on the car.)
Go shopping.

Pay for the beer and head for the jeep.

Go back to her place. The action will take place in the kitchen.
Grab a beer.
Finish off the can.
Crush your can too.

Grab a beer.
Finish off the can.
Let her take if off.
Go somewhere else.

Go to the living room.
Drink some wine. The strange thing is that having three beers in a row would make ArianeB drunk as a skunk, but two beers and a glass of wine not.
Stop drinking.
Kiss her.

Stop kissing. Nice cleavage!
Massage her shoulders.
Stop massaging shoulders.

Touch her breasts.
Stop fondling her breast.
Kiss her nipples.
Stop sucking her tits.

Massage her back.
Quit rubbing her back.
Grab her butt.
Quit massaging her butt.

Touch her pussy.
Keep going. (Continue)

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