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The ArianeB 6.45 walkthroughs: How to go to the strip club with Rebecca?

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We have well established by now that it is possible to visit the town center after a steak dinner.
If we immediately go to the lingerie store Rebecca will propose to have a drink with us.
But from earlier walkthroughs we also know that we can have a drink and a dance in the bar without Rebecca first.
What will happen if we go to the lingerie store after being kicked out of the bar?

As usual:
First: How do I introduce myself? 
Second: How to have a steak dinner? 

After dinner you leave the house by clicking the car.

Go for a drive.
Go for a drive.
Go downtown.

Go to the nightclub. At the nightclub you will have to make sure to be kicked out, the right way...

Go to bar.
I'm driving so club soda please.
Ask her to dance.
Keep dancing.

Protect Ariane.
Get her away from this guy.
Get out of the club.

Go lingerie shopping.
Go into the lingerie store.

The lingerie shopping scenario kicks in, to see the possible combinations, please consult: How to go to the lingerie store?

Normally Rebecca would ask you to dance at the nightclub but since you have just been kicked out there, she looks for another place to go and have some fun.

Discuss other options with Rebecca.
Be adventurous and take a chance.

Rebecca takes you to... a strip club, where it happens to be amateur night. You can play the responsible gentleman and leave the place with your date or you can decide to...

Stay and watch Rebecca's show.
Continue watching.
(Repeat until Rebecca's show is over.)

Wait for Rebecca. Would you like ArianeB to enter the contest as well, or will you take her home, right now?
See if Rebecca can talk her into it.
Encourage Ariane to dance.
Offer to be her coach.

Under the pseudonym Betty from Accounting ArianeB starts her show. To bring it to a full satisfactory ending the instructions to follow are...

Remove Jacket.
Pole Dance.
Remove Skirt.

Pole Dance.
Remove Vest.
Rub Body.

Sexy Dance.
Chair Dance.
Remove Bra.

Rub Body.
Chair Dance.
Sexy Dance.

Remove Thong.
Sexy Dance.
Chair Dance.
Rub Body.

Ariane 6.45 (click here for the legacy versions from 6.2 to 6.4)

The ArianeB creator was not entirely happy with the duo strip club scenario and in version 6.45 (s)he added a complete new ending, more in line with the general philosophy that Ariane is 'a modern feminist who is not delicate or submissive'. Ariane (and Rebecca) have stripped in front of the player and demand now from him that he returns the favour. The mini-game does not reveal a lot of breathtaking images but it uses some very sexy trigonometric functions in the Javascript!

End routine. This is as far as ArianeB wants to go, whatever you click she will end the show.

When you take Ariane alone to the strip club, and only when the right circumstances are met, she will add one extra move as described in our walkthrough: How to go to the stripclub without Rebecca? (for version 6.45).

Contest results. Obviously Ariane has won.
Get dressed and celebrate victory. Here the 6.45 scenario takes an alternative turn.

Congratulate Ariane. You can still go home without Rebecca and then the scenario will proceed as in the previous versions.
Invite Rebecca along.
Go inside.
Have a drink. The two girls agree to nag you a bit. Come on coach show us what you can do.

Agree to do a show. Fraekke showed me the moves how to win the male strip game, before i even tried it, so I'll better give him credit for that. Basically you must get as much variety in your show as possible and avoid repetition.

Sway your hips.
Take off your shirt.

Bop your head.
Take off your pants.

Shake your ass.
Sway your hips.
Take off your shorts. Naked man in the house.

Bop your head.
Shake your ass.
Move in closer naked.

End routine. The girls applaud.
Thank you very much. Rebecca, if you don't mind, I want to spend some quality time with my male stripper here.
Say goodnight to Rebecca.

Probably you can figure out the rest.

ArianeB 6.2 to 6.4: (legacy or when you decide not to invite Rebecca)  

Live Sex Act. In version 6.45 the live sex act has been deleted from the strip club scenario.
End routine.

Contest results. Obviously ArianeB has won.
Get dressed and celebrate victory. ArianeB wants to relax in the hot tub and invites you as well.

Take her back to her place.
Follow her in to the bedroom.
Let her finish getting ready.
Go naked hot tubbing.

Kiss her.
Stop kissing.

You can reach a very happy ending in the hot tub. If you don't know how to get there (which would be quite pathetic!) you can always check the hot tub hints from A satisfactory way to play Truth or Dare.

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