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The ArianeB 6.4 walkthroughs: How to start looking for your clothes
and end playing a game of Parcheesi?

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For most of us the main purpose of the ArianeB simulation is to, let's be frank, get her in the sack. Or in other words: bang, bonk, copulate, eff, fuck, hump, jazz, mate, pair, screw or even ummagumma. But getting into a dead end street with her can be as much fun. Here is a scenario that starts promising enough with a bikini dinner, some pool canoodling but ends in a silly way.

First: How do I introduce myself? 
Second: How to have a patio dinner? 

After dinner ArianeB stands waiting with a towel over her shoulders.
That was a nice meal, shall we do something out here or go back inside?
Lets fuel her a bit more. Click on the glass on the table.

Drink the wine. (wine number 4)
Finish drinking.
Go swimming.

Jump in with her.
Try to untie bikini top. Hey, you took my top off. Give it back!
Keep the top. ArianeB wants revenge.

Let her take them.
Stay naked.
Follow her out.

Give her the top back. The game is now to look for your hidden clothes. I could directly lead you to the hiding place but let's play the game for a while.

Look in the kitchen. Ice cold.
Look in the bedroom. Ice cold.
Look in the living room. Getting warm.
Look in the front yard.

Check the mailbox. Standing naked outside is dangerous.
Go inside.

Go to the kitchen for dessert.
Eat dessert.

Go to the kitchen. We have had fun so far. I have an idea for what we should do next:
I got some board games in one of these cabinets, why don`t we play a game?
Accept the suggestion.
Play Parcheesi.
Continue playing. The Parcheesi game will randomly continue until someone wins.

The Parcheesi scenario can be triggered with Ariane wearing her red blouse, her blue bikini and her black evening dress so the above is not the only way to get there.

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