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Gretta Speaks

Entry 1658 posted in: The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit

In the interview that Ig - or should we say Evelyn? - gave after nearly 40 years of silence in The Croydon Guardian she remembers how she helped Syd to paint the floorboards that would give an extra psychedelic feel to The Madcap Laughs cover picture.

When Mick turned up to take the photos I helped paint the floor boards for the shoot, I was covered in paint, I still remember the smell of it.

But Ig, as we will keep on calling her, isn’t the only one remembering. Also present were Rusty and Margaretta, better known as Gretta:

I remember that Iggy was involved with the floor painting project and that she had paint all over her during the floor painting time but I was not involved with the painting of the floor.

For the first time in over 40 years and exclusively to The Holy Church of iggy the Inuit Margaretta 'Gretta' Barclay talks about her Syd Barrett days: Gretta Speaks.