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iPod Random Generator February 2010

Entry 1661 posted in: 9. I, Pod

My iPod statistics for the month of February 2010.


Every month a graph will be published here, the playlist of the month will appear on my MySpace blog and the overview of the year will be glued on my MySpace entrance page. Nothing to be excited about.

For those who still want to know the how and what and where and when I give you this old link: Random Blueß aka sucking for statistics 

And here are the last 10 songs that enjoyed my life:
Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi Air A Natural Woman Aretha Franklin Anarchy In The UK Sex Pistols Country Girl: Whiskey Boot Hill/Down, Down, Down/Country Girl (I Think You're Pretty) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Human Human League The Wave Van Der Graaf Newborn Elbow See Emily Play Pink Floyd Long Cold Winter Cinderella Insomnia Faithless

If you want to know how the graph looked like last month: iPod Random Generator January 2010