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The ArianeB 6.4 walkthroughs: How to play the trivia game?

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ArianeB likes a riddle and a challenge and in this scenario we will have a go at the nightclub trivia game. Personally I find this one of the weaker parts of the simulation as it does nothing more, in my opinion anyway, than hold up the game. We start with the compliments and the steak dinner.

First: How do I introduce myself? 
Second: How to have a steak dinner? 

Go for a drive. Immediately click on the car after the dinner.
Go for a drive.
Go downtown.

Go to the nightclub.
Go to bar.
I’m driving so club soda please.

Play bar trivia game.
Get first question.

In the bar trivia game you will be asked a couple of questions and the goal of the game is of course to give the right answers. here is the list of all possible questions, and, noblesse oblige, their answers.

Books What 19th century author is often credited with inventing the mystery novel? C
Books What was the title of Sherlock Holmes first adventure? C
Celebrities Who was not born in Canada? D
Comic Books What super hero group was Iron Man a part of? A
Comic Books What Super Hero is a member of a Galactic Police force based on planet Oa? C
Geography The longest river in Asia is? C
Geography What is the continent with the fewest recognized countries? D
Geography Which of the following countries is not in Africa? D
History The descendants of the Persian Empire are associated with what modern country? D
History The famous Peruvian ruins of Machu Picchu were built by? D
History The Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China were completed during what Chinese dynasty? A
History The oldest "European" city in the US is? C
History What British sovereign signed the Magna Carta in 1215? B
History What famous "Doc" was a participant in "The Gunfight at the OK Corral"? B
History Who was crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire on Christmas, 800 A.D.? A
Math the number 6 is considered the first "perfect number", whats the second? D
Math Whats the 5th number of the Fibonacci sequence? C
Math Which of the following is not a prime number? C
Movies In 1935, what was Bugs Bunny originally called? D
Movies The Will Smith movie I Am Legend is a remake of what classic Charleton Heston movie? C
Movies What actress played Tom Cruise`s love interest in Cocktail? A
Movies What popular young actress played Kitty Pryde in X-Men B
Movies What Vampire vs Werewolf movie was based on a novel by Stephanie Meyer? C
Movies What year were Bladerunner, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Poltergeist released? C
Movies What year were Office Space, Fight Club and The Matrix released? B
Movies Which Johnny Depp film involved a search for Satan? B
Movies Which of the following heavily awarded movie won the least Oscars? D
Movies Which of these war movies was set mostly in Iraq? D
Movies Who directed the Carl Sagan movie Contact? B
Movies Who directed the underwater adventure The Abyss? D
Movies Who played Bond in On Her Majesty`s Secret Service? A
Movies Who sang the theme song to Pump Up The Volume? A
Music "If It Makes You Happy" and "Everyday is a Winding Road" are hits for what 90`s female singer/songwriter? A
Music "Smile", "The Fear" and "LDN" are hits by what female singer? B
Music Goat`s Head Soup was a 70`s album by what famous rock band? D
Music How old were Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Jimi Hendrix when they died? B
Music The hit song "Right Round" by Flo Rida was a remake of a hit by what 80`s New Wave band? C
Music What 80`s band had hits "She`s A Beauty" and "Talk to Ya Later"? D
Music What 80`s New Wave band sang Hungry Like The Wolf? A
Music What 80`s New Wave band sang Hungry Like The Wolf? D
Music What band is famous for creating rock operas like Tommy? B
Music What British Rock band has members 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs? A
Music What song has the lyrics "doo wop, doo be doo doo wop, doo wah doo lang, blue days, black nights, doo wah doo lang"? C
Music Which Beatles song has lyrics mentioning "Father McKenzie"? A
Music Who is considered the first rap star? B
Music Who was the first African American to have a music video air on MTV? A
Mythology Who was the Greek Godess of Wisdom? B
Science Drug resistant bacteria is a perfect demonstration of? C
Science Einstein`s formula E C
Science In Physics a Newton Meter (Nm) is a unit measure of what? A
Science Organic Chemistry is the study of molecules containing this element? B
Science What order of species is a "Slow Loris"? A
Science Which of the following is not a sub atomic particle? B
Television How many human looking models of Cylons are there in the new version of Battlestar Galactica? D
Television On Star Trek, what race had laws called The Rules of Acquisition? A
Television On The Simpsons, who shot Mr. Burns? C
Television What corporation aired the first commercial on television? B
Television What is NOT a race from Babylon 5? A
Television What was the evil organization on the show Dark Angel? B
Television Which character from The IT Crowd is not a member of the IT department? D

Let's leave. Lucky for us ArianeB gets tired after 3 questions, but the downside is that the club can't be visited anymore.
As usual I leave it to you to further explore the game and its possibilities.

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