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The ArianeB 6.4 walkthroughs: How to play some bikini basket?

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The last few walkthroughs will use the art of recycling past ideas and will show you some situations that have all been described before, but with a twist. In a very early walkthrough we explained how to play basketball with ArianeB: How to play (and win) the basketball game? In this variation the game is played in bikini (worn by ArianeB of course).

First: How do I introduce myself? 
Second: How to have a steak dinner? 

After dinner, let's have some dessert first.

Go to the kitchen for dessert.
Eat dessert.
Go to the bedroom to put on a swimsuit.
Wait for her in the hallway.

Go to the backyard. There is no other option.
Go back inside.
Go to the kitchen.

ArianeB will grab in her bag of suggestions:

Let`s get in my car and go for a drive downtown.
Ask if she has other ideas.

How about we take a walk to the park and do something there?
Accept the suggestion.

Wait for her to put her shoes on.
Follow her to the park.

Go to the park.
Follow her to the park.
Try a shot. To make the first shot you need to throw the ball inside the rectangle, consult the screenshot here.

Her turn to shoot.
Let her shoot.
Take your shot. To make the second shot you need to hit the circle here.

Her turn to shoot.
Defend the basket. The ArianeB code randomly makes her miss or hit the second and third shots. ArianeB will try to disturb you by showing some flesh.

Aim here. To make the 3 point jumper you need to hit the basketball backboard exactly where the circle is located.
Wow that's a tough shot and you made it!
Finish game.

Go back to her place. (The simulation is all yours. I suggest going to the store to grab some beers. Ariane will feel again overdressed after a couple of Carlsberg.)

An easy way to win at basketball is to download the patch pack and to replace the original images with the patched ones. But as always, (deliberately) loosing the game, will show alternative images. As far as I have tested the game, the result of the basketball game does not influence next events.

The Felix Atagong ArianeB 6.21 - 6.4 patch

Unzip the PATCH621.zip file.
Replace the pictures in the 'datingsimulator/images' folder with the patched ones.
The new pictures highlight the hotpoints to win:
the basketball game
the stargazing game
the handstand on the beach
The 'originals' folder contains the original unpatched images if you would like to restore the game.

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