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When in shit, call IT (True Story IV)

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actually this gizmo does exist: http://www.atechflash.com This is a true story.
I work for the Belgian branch of a company that has a few thousand employees and this week it was big chief powwow day, meaning that the meeting room would be constantly visited by people of slowly descending picking order until the bosses would find someone they could blame for whatever reason they would like to blame him (or her) for.

The CEO invaded the meeting room, with in his slipstream the three vice-CEO-s (we like to call them the holy trinity) representing sales and marketing, bookkeeping and the third who likes calling herself the caca-manager in lack of a proper job description. A coffee machine was hauled in with a select choice of espressos, mild long coffees, strong long coffees and the obligate brown liquid of the decaffeinated kind. All they missed now was George Clooney to make a funny comment.

From my desk I heard how somebody’s - anybody's - telephone rang, the person in question would hastily leave, with a face red as Heinz tomato ketchup, towards the meeting room and several minutes later he / she would reappear, with a face grey as ash, trying to keep that certain air of je ne sais quoi although we all knew that he / she would go sobbing later on in the toilets.

We were looking at each other every time a telephone rang. Then a happy sigh when it didn’t come from the staff but just from a complaining customer.

Then my telephone rang. Everybody was looking at me. It’s the meeting room, I whispered. Eyes big as saucers were looking into my direction. I cleared my throat. And said: Felix Atagong, IT department.

Yeah Felix, said the big chief, sorry to disturb you, but do you happen to know where the toilet paper is?

I had to confess that I didn’t know the present state of our current toilet paper stock. There was howling laughter in the background.

When in shit, call the IT department.

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