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iPod Random Generator May 2010

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My iPod statistics for the month of May 2010.

Every month a graph will be published here, the playlist of the month will appear on my MySpace blog and the overview of the year will be glued on my MySpace entrance page. Nothing to be excited about.

For those who still want to know the how and what and where and when I give you this old link: Random Blueß aka sucking for statistics 

And here are the last 10 songs that enjoyed my life:
Take Five Dave Brubeck Quartet Why Go? (2005 Remix) Faithless Joey's On The Streets Again The Boomtown Rats Shipbuilding Elvis Costello Transitoire I Stephen Duffy That's What We Did Today Kevin Ayers Zanna Luc Van Acker & Anna Domino Lucy Rider Alberta Cross Message From The Country The Move The Flycatcher Roy Harper.

If you want to know how the graph looked like last month: iPod Random Generator April 2010