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The Rebecca Tapes: Getting ready for the pillow fight

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ArianeB 6.4 is not only a bug release, it has some added value as well. Some minor bugs have been repaired, some extra pictures have been added to the photo shoot and Rebecca's role as general pain in the ass has been somewhat elaborated.

In this walkthrough - that can only be played if you have ArianeB 6.4 - we will follow the steps we have described earlier on in How to go to the bar with Rebecca? but we will NOT dive into the pool for a Marco Polo game. No need to click on that link really, we're here to refresh your brain.

First: How do I introduce myself?
Second: How to have a steak dinner? 
Third: How to go to the lingerie store? 

Buy the right type of lingerie and Rebecca will ask to have a drink at the nearby bar.
ArianeB replies: I`m here with a date. I`ll let him decide what we should do.
Agree to drinks at the club with Ariane and Rebecca.
Ask Ariane to dance.
Go back to the bar.

Buy the next round of drinks.
Watch the two of them dance together.
Let them continue to dance.

Take Ariane and Rebecca back to Ariane's place.
Rebecca immediately wants to try the pool: "I'm okay with swimming naked, IF you two are willing! What do you say?"

Actually, to trigger the brand new scenarios, we don't want to skinny dip, we need to have a stiff drink.
Go inside for drinks instead. (Click at the bottom left side of the image.)
Have a drink.

Rebecca heads for the bedroom, following her triggers the scenario we have already encountered at How to end up in bed with Rebecca? Ariane urgently needs to pee, so I wouldn't follow her either if I were you.

Wait in the hall. Ariane sneaks out of the bathroom and says:
Just because Rebecca is here does not mean we need to end our date.
As long as we keep quiet, Rebecca should just stay in my room and not bother us.
We can`t leave her alone, but I`m sure we can find plenty to do around the house for fun.

Let's explore these fun things in the three next 'Rebecca Tapes' walkthroughs.

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