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The Rebecca Tapes: How to spoil an ongoing anatomy lesson?

Entry 1700 posted in: a. ArianeB

NEW: THE ARIANEB WALKTHROUGHS have now got their own domain:

The extra Rebecca content can only be activated if you play ArianeB 6.4. In the previous walkthrough we stole Rebecca's clothes so it is understandable that she was slightly annoyed. This time we will try not to disturb her. Let's find out if we will succeed.

First: How do I introduce myself?
Second: How to have a steak dinner? 
Third: How to go to the lingerie store? 
Fourth: Getting ready for the pillow fight 

Ariane sneaks out of the bathroom.
Meet her in the living room.
Go to the living room.

You have to be quiet not to disturb Rebecca, so if you press
Dance to music
Ariane will disagree.
Pass on music.

Kiss her.
Stop kissing. Go ahead. Work your way down.

Massage her shoulders.
Stop massaging. (Do not give Ariane extra drinks even if she asks for it.)

Caress her breasts.
Stop fondling. Making out just turned to foreplay. Uhh, that was a hint! (As some of the texts are randomised, you might actually read something else on your screen.)

Take off her shirt. Brace yourself for something spectacular!
Help her. Trying to get into my pants, are you? Who, moi?

Take off her pants.
Help her. It is not entirely impossible to get Ariane out of her Sloggi as well, but then ArianeB must meet Rebecca in her evening dress, instead of jeans and blouse. Check How to end up in bed with Rebecca? and figure it out yourself.

Rebecca enters the living room.

The magic has broken and Ariane kicks you out.
Kiss her goodnight.

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