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The Rebecca Tapes: How to get the cake in the oven?

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The extra Rebecca content can only be activated if you play ArianeB 6.4. So far, inviting Rebecca into the house has always lead to near disaster. In this third installment, and I hope I will not spoil your lust to carry on playing, it will not be different.

First: How do I introduce myself?
Second: How to have a steak dinner? 
Third: How to go to the lingerie store? 
Fourth: Getting ready for the pillow fight 

Ariane sneaks out of the bathroom.
Meet her in the living room.
Go to the kitchen.

Ariane's suggestion box kicks in. (Don't let her drink.)
We could sit on the bench out back and look at tonights beautiful sky.
Ask if she has any other ideas. (or you can accept to save a few clicks.)

Want to go out to the couch and make out a little? (This scenario has been described in: How to spoil an ongoing anatomy lesson?)
Ask if she has any other ideas.

You have seen my pool. Let`s go swimming. (The swimming scene has been described in: How to steal Rebecca's clothes?)
Accept the suggestion. This will zap the scene to the patio where several options are out in the open.

Here we are in my backyard. It`s a clear night tonight, the sky is beautiful.
Sit and look at the stars.

Ariane will test your general knowledge of the star constellations or the positioning of the moon craters. For more information about this subject you don't need to open your astronomical atlas, just consult: How to look at the sky (and win the gamble)? Alternatively you can download the patch pack that reveals the answers to her questions. If you win the gamble Ariane asks you whether you would like a piece of spare cake from the kitchen or if you'd rather prefer that she takes her shirt off.

Cake or Boobs. Cake or Boobs. Cake or Boobs.
What will it be boy?

Take my shirt off. All right, a deal is a deal I`ll take off my shirt.
Let her undress.

Go back inside.
Get a snack from the kitchen.
Eat some cake. Enters Rebecca: Can I have some cake, too? (This triggers a rather sarcastic remark from Ariane.)

Watch Rebecca.
Stare at Rebecca. Ariane ends the date.
Kiss her goodnight.

The Felix Atagong ArianeB 6.21 - 6.4 patch

Unzip the PATCH621.zip file.
Replace the pictures in the 'datingsimulator/images' folder with the patched ones.
The new pictures highlight the hotpoints to win:
the basketball game
the stargazing game
the handstand on the beach

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