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The ArianeB 6.4 walkthroughs: How to have a slightly different photoshoot?

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This scenario was slightly altered in version 6.4. (If you are looking for the photo shoot walkthrough for versions 6.21 or 6.3, please consult: How to have a slightly different photoshoot?)

The previous walkthrough showed us how to have a photo shoot after dinner (with ArianeB dressed casually). It has been said before that different situations can (and will) be triggered according to previous circumstances. In this walkthrough we will get a slightly different photo shoot after having a bikini dinner. ArianeB will first change clothes when we decide to leave the house. Start a new game of ArianeB 6.4 and...

First: How do I introduce myself? 
Second: How to have a patio dinner? 

After dinner: Go somewhere else.
Go back inside.
Go to the bedroom to get dressed.
Follow her into the bedroom.
Let her get her pants on.

Go somewhere else.
Go for a drive.
Go for a drive.
Go to gas station.
Fill up tank. ArianeB has bought a camera.

Hit the road.
Head to outskirts.
Take a scenic drive out of town.
Continue drive.

Get out and look around.
Enjoy the view.
Ask to take her picture.
Take snapshot.

You will need to compliment Ariane after each picture. Not doing so will end the photoshoot.

Better than nice you could be a model. (Compliment)
Ask her to try a modeling pose. Say 'Gorgeous'. (Compliment her by clicking her face)
Ask her for an even sexier pose. Say 'Very sexy'.

Ask her to pose in her underwear.
Take a picture of her in her underwear. Say'Nice legs'.
Action shot-jump in the air. Say'You would look good even in motion blur'.

Pull your shirt down over your panties. Say'Yes thats what I'm looking for.
Let's try some sexy photos by the car. True, but you have the pinup look.
Your panties are not very sexy, a thong would be better.
Have her take her panties off.
Wow that is daring and very hot. (Compliment.)
Step back, bend over, and stretch toward the car. I like that look, this is the best picture yet.

Two different shots can be taken here...

Semi Nude Front Shot
How about a semi nude front shot? I'll let you decide what you want to do next.
I'm ready when you are. Wow, you have an incredible body.

Nude Back Shot
How about a nude back shot?
Let her take her shirt off.
That is a nice sexy pose.
Pose facing forward. Wow, you have an incredible body.

After the previous shots the game will revert back to the 'default' ending from the previous walkthrough.

Get in the car and relax for a picture. I'm feeling more relaxed already. Relaxed looks good on you (compliment her).
Ask her to grab her breasts. Say 'Your breasts are beautiful in any position'.

ArianeB is a bit tired of being the only model, so she has got an idea.
Give her the camera.

Take off your clothes and pose nude.
Cover your genitals. ArianeB understands that you are being modest and proposes to show hers if you show yours.

You can either:
Pose for gratuitous penis shot.
OK, you go first then.

How about one of my penis between your legs?
Got the money shot.
Ungh!... Ungh!... Ungh!... Ungh!... Ungh!... Ungh!... Ungh!... Ungh!... Ungh!...

Drive her home. Ariane makes you a proposal you can't refuse.

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