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The ArianeB 6.4 walkthroughs: How to have a third slightly different photoshoot?

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Version 6.4 of ArianeB has changed the photoshoot by the lake scenario and here is an extra mini-scenario that has been added as well. Basically it is a combination of the two previous ones (How to have a photoshoot? and How to have a slightly different photoshoot?), but with a few extra clicks.

As we are entering completist territory here, this might not be very interesting for the casual player. You are hereby warned. Start a new game of ArianeB 6.4 and...

First: How do I introduce myself? 
Second: How to have a patio dinner? 

After dinner: Go somewhere else.
Go back inside.
Go to the bedroom to get dressed.
Follow her into the bedroom.
Let her get her pants on.

Go somewhere else.
Go for a drive.
Go for a drive.
Go to gas station.
Fill up tank. ArianeB has bought a camera.

Hit the road.
Head to outskirts.
Take a scenic drive out of town.
Continue drive.

Get out and look around.
Enjoy the view.
Ask to take her picture.
Take snapshot.

You will need to compliment Ariane after each picture. Not doing so will end the photoshoot.

Better than nice you could be a model. (Compliment)
Ask her to try a modeling pose. Say 'Gorgeous'. (Compliment her by clicking her face)
Ask her for an even sexier pose. Say 'Very sexy'.

Ask her to pose in her underwear.
Take a picture of her in her underwear. Say'Nice legs'.
Action shot-jump in the air. Say'You would look good even in motion blur'.
Pull your shirt down over your panties. Say'Yes thats what I'm looking for.

Instead of going to the car to make some pictures, we take a different approach...

Ask her to lift her shirt up. OK, I can lift my shirt up a bit. Only a bit? We will certainly not compliment Ariane for that but try to push her a bit further...
Higher. I`ll lift up so you can see part of my boobs.
Higher. OK, I`ll flash my nipples. Now we're talking!
Very nice breasts. (Compliment.)

Go topless. Say 'Wow, now that is sexy!'. (Compliment.)
Face the camera and slowly lower your panties. Say 'The innocent look is so cute'.

By now ArianeB is getting a bit scary and she asks you what to do next.
Say 'I'll let you decide. You can quit anytime.' (Oldest trick in the book.)
Oh, why the hell not. I`ll try posing in my birthday suit.
Have her take her pants off. Say 'That was a brave sexy move.'

Let's try an artistic nude by the car. Say 'You are too hot to be arrested'.
Ask her for another nude shot. Say 'You are really getting into this'.
Ask her for full backside nudity. Say 'Nice ass'.
You could probably see more than my ass from that angle.

Ask her to grab her breasts. Say 'Your breasts are beautiful in any position'.
ArianeB is a bit tired of being the only model, so she has got an idea.
Give her the camera.
Take off your clothes and pose nude...

After some necessary rhythmical work you can drive Ariane home where she makes you (again) a proposal you can't refuse.

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