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ArianeB 6.4

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Although it was promised that with version 6.3 ArianeB had reached its final release a new version was unexpectedly made public on the 16th of July.

This blog is more or less to blame as I once mentioned to the ArianeB creator that there was a small magically appearing towels bug in the game. Not only did Mister Ariane Barnes repair the bug, he also added some extra goodies on top.

One is that the photo shoot by the lake scenario has been altered a bit, a second change is that a couple of new Rebecca sleepover scenarios have been added. To quote the creator:

I decided to make it possible, under certain circumstances, to continue the date with Ariane, with Rebecca sleeping in the bedroom. Of course you can’t go anywhere and leave Rebecca alone, nor can you enter the bedroom since Rebecca is there, nor can you do anything noisy like shower or dance.

Of course this wouldn't be the number one place to look for ArianeB walkthroughs anymore if I hadn't already posted solutions for these situations: The ArianeB 6.4 walkthroughs: All in one.

Unfortunately, the game was only 24-hours old when a new, rather irritating, bug was found. A solution was posted after a few hours and the version that can now be downloaded at the official ArianeB website is already patched.

Unfortunately (again!), another bug crept in, but this can be remedied by adding one line to the script of the two following pages:

Adding “parent.rebec = 0;” to line 154 of text82.htm,
or line 188 of text12.htm would fix it…

(For the lazy ones, here are the patched pages. Just replace the two original html pages with the new ones.)

Suddenly the ArianeB creator does not speak anymore about this being the last incarnation of the dating simulator, as a matter of fact his latest comment goes like this…

You got me thinking about a possible more elaborate fix giving the option to invite Rebecca home after the strip club victory. Hmmm…

Suddenly I feel there will still be some new versions to follow… it will be a very hot summer...

ArianeB 6.4 can be played at http://arianeb.com/dategame.htm. The download location can be found on the same page.
The ArianeB blog:
Ariane's Life in the Metaverse.
The Ariane Barnes:
Aspiring Video Game Star comics (12 episodes).

And, last but not least, the most recent walkthroughs can be reached by clicking the ArianeB Walkthroughs logo at the top right side of this page or at
The ArianeB 6.4 walkthroughs: All in one.