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The ArianeB 6.45 walkthroughs: How to go to the stripclub without Rebecca?

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Next to some bugfixes ArianeB 6.45 also changed Ariane's strip club behaviour. To quote its maker:

A running theme in Dating Ariane simulator is that Ariane is a modern feminist who is not delicate or submissive.
She does only what she wants to do.
If it gives her pleasure, she will do it.
If it gives others pleasure, she may do it if she is assured a mutual exchange.

Taking Ariane to the strip club and encouraging her a bit will not suffice anymore to get the full monty. Shark's Lagoon member Fraekke found out that Ariane will only strip to the limit if two game parameters have been activated before going to the club.

Some of these game parameters, and there are about 60 of those, can be consulted by starting the game with the default2.htm page, that acts like a debugging page. The two parameters that needs to be triggered are:

var daring = 0; //0 = not 1 = more 2 = brave
var topf = 0; // Top (chest foreplay count while making out - too much is awkward)

Both of them needs to have 2 points in order to trigger the following events, so let's skip the nerdy stuff and start with the game, shall we? Still one quick remark though: in version 6.45 there is still the opportunity to go to the stripclub with both Ariane and Rebecca. That scenario is noted down in How to go to the strip club with Rebecca? 

Introduce yourself to ArianeB as explained in:
How do I introduce myself? 
The dancing, kissing and necking will put Ariane in a good mood and, of more importance, add one point to the daring and topf parameters.

Go to another room.
Go for a walk.
Follow her to the park.
Take the other swing.
Finish swinging.

Climb on top and hang upside.
Ask her to show you her gymnastic skills.
Tell her she is doing well. To demonstrate her gymnastic skills Ariane strips to her underwear.

I don’t mind at all.
Wow! That is pretty good.
Follow her back to her place. The daring parameter has risen to two points. We still need to find a way to add another point to the topf parameter though. Let's go to the kitchen and have a genuine steak dinner:
How to have a steak dinner? 

After the meal Ariane waits in the living room. Where shall we go now? Let's keep it simple and sit down again...

Go to the living room.
Kiss her.
Stop kissing. Are you enjoying this?
Caress her breasts.
Stop fondling. Bingo! The topf parameter has just risen with one unit. Ignore Ariane's plea to go on and let's head to the strip club instead.

Go to another room.
Go for a drive.
Head towards outskirts. No need to go to the garage, the car will not fall out of gas.

Go to the Live Cabaret. You took me to a strip club? That seems a little weird for a date!
Ask her to join Amateur Night contest.
Encourage her to striptease.
Let's get started.

Remove Jacket.
Pole Dance.
Remove Skirt.
Pole Dance.

Remove Vest.
Rub Body.
Sexy Dance.
Chair Dance.

Remove Bra.
Rub Body.
Chair Dance.
Sexy Dance.

Remove Thong.
Sexy Dance.
Chair Dance.
Rub Body.

Live Sex Act.
End routine.
Contest result.
Get dressed and celebrate victory.

Take her back to her place.
Wait for her in the hallway.
Go naked hot tubbing.

Ahhh! After a wild night this feels wonderful ! Want to help me relax?

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