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ArianeB 6.45

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In a previous post we more or less predicted that an Ariane Dating Simulator update was in the pipeline but that it would be finished 8 days after the previous version is something of a record. On Saturday, the 24th of July 2010, ArianeB was updated to version 6.45.

As usual we will largely quote from the Ariane Brodie (or should that be Ariane Barnes?) blog. Like this:

A running theme in Dating Ariane simulator is that Ariane is a modern feminist who is not delicate or submissive. She does only what she wants to do. If it gives her pleasure, she will do it. If it gives others pleasure, she may do it if she is assured a mutual exchange. …or really drunk.

One of the things that I like about ArianeB is indeed that she has her own little will, although that is, of course, Javascript driven, this to contradict the rumours amongst my friends that I am fabling to be really in love with her. Its many parameters make the game less linear than you think, although there are still some logical steps to follow.

The Rebecca Tapes

One of the lesser fragments in the story, according to its maker, were the Rebecca encounters, an old schoolmate of Ariane. You will meet her by going to the lingerie store and by winning the lingerie mini game that goes with it: How to go to the lingerie store?. As they both haven't seen each other for the last couple of years the decent thing to do is to invite her for a drink, that will take place at the local bar, but if you have already visited that Rebecca will propose an alternative club.

There is indeed something of an inconsistency in the story. Although it is hinted that Rebecca is female oriented and will try to make a pass at Ariane she will not hesitate to jump in the bed with the male player. Ariane however stays in character and refuses a ménage-à-trois. What happens next between Rebecca and the player is left to the imagination. Probably not much as it was Rebecca's first aim to entangle Ariane in her web en passant by you: How to end up in bed with Rebecca? 

Note 1: There are some fan-written add-ons for ArianeB that have explored a threesome scenario but these are not really in line with the characters. (Nitpickers would say those story-lines are non-canon.)
Note 2: Under certain circumstances Ariane kicks the male player out: Rebecca is more fun than you are. I'm going to hang with her instead. The result is of course undocumented, as such. How to have a hamburger, some culture but no pussy? 

ArianeB 6.4 added three extra scenarios with Rebecca excelling in her role as general pain in the arse. In all three of them she will get you (the male player) kicked out of the house and stay alone with her object of lust. You can try these out here:

The Rebecca Tapes: Getting ready for the pillow fight (introduction)
The Rebecca Tapes: How to steal Rebecca's clothes? 
The Rebecca Tapes: How to spoil an ongoing anatomy lesson? 
The Rebecca Tapes: How to get the cake in the oven? 

ArianeB 6.45 contains, next to the obvious bug-fixes that will invariably lead to new bugs, a fine-tuning of the strip club scenario, more in line with Ariane's character and her romantic evolution towards the male player in the game.

In all previous versions visiting the strip club would lead to a raunchy end scene. This scene has now been deleted, unless the proper parameters have been triggered before going to the club. This is discussed more in details in our updated walkthrough: How to go to the stripclub without Rebecca? (for version 6.45).

A second strip club scenario, where Rebecca and Ariane both compete in the amateur night contest, has now got an extra ending. Ariane, a modern feminist who is not delicate or submissive, has got no problem stripping in the club before a bunch of strangers and her date, but - at home - she would at least like to see the favour returned.

It all cumulates in a funny scenario (generally 6.4 and 6.45 have both added a lot of humour into the game) that uses trigonometry functions to make a swirling webpage effect. It is not often one can say Javascript uses sexy moves.

ang = ang + Math.PI/10;
lft = Math.round(Math.cos(ang) * 50) - 100;
upd = Math.round(Math.abs(Math.sin(ang) * 30)) - 100;

All's well that ends well and for once it is Ariane who sends Rebecca away to have some quality time with her lover. Consult the 4.65 walkthrough at: How to go to the strip club with Rebecca? 

And with that positive note this post comes to an end.

ArianeB 6.45 can be played at http://arianeb.com/dategame.htm. The download location can be found on the same page.
The ArianeB blog: Ariane's Life in the Metaverse.
The Ariane Barnes: Aspiring Video Game Star comics (12 episodes).

And, last but not least, the most recent walkthroughs can be reached by clicking the ArianeB Walkthroughs logo at the top right side of this page or at The ArianeB 6.45 walkthroughs: All in one.