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Sandbox of God remastered - free for one day (expired)

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Sandbox of God The Game Giveaway of the Day website, that paradoxically only gives away free games in the weekend, has a free download of the quite astonishing remastered Sandbox of God 1.56 game. The website is a spin-off of the Giveaway of the Day site where, every day, some software will be freely available for 24 hours. This means – not a trial version, nor a limited version – but a registered and legal version of the software.

In a rather distant past Unfinished Projects described the game as follows: The Sandbox Of God 

The story itself is monotonous, the graphics are tacky, but in a strange way the game is very addictive. Before you know it hours have gone by because you still have not managed to create Volcano city or instigate world peace between rabbits and men.

Sandbox of God 1.56 is a puzzle at heart, where every decision you make affects your outcome in the end. Originally released in 2004, this 2010 version (upgrade 1.56) of the game adds a whole new graphical interface, new sound and music, two new modes, extra features and more! Here is what Unfinished Projects had to say in the past about it: The Sandbox Of God – Year 2010 

SoG:R includes all changes from version 1.52 but has two new features:
The Sandbox of God board game. You can still play SoG in it’s classic style or switch to a brand new style called Simulated board game. In this new style, SOG:R simulates how one might play a board game version of the Sandbox of God in their basement using light gels, clay figures, blocks and cards, and Christmas lights. Switching between the classic style and the board game style can be done between rounds.
The Sandbox of God Warfare. Defend man’s civilization as you purchase new defences and upgrades, and prepare to do battle with the ever-multiplying civilization of rabbits. Use your godly powers of lighting and destruction to destroy rabbit armies and huts…provided that you have enough cash, of course. Unlock new cards by beating Sandbox mode and see how far into the future you can survive!

Grab this freebie, only today at: the-sandbox-of-god-remastered.

And if you are really stuck you can always try the best walkthroughs on this planet, they have been upgraded today as well:
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